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Bulk Flower Inventory in Retailer
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What does this do?

For non-pre-packaged goods, like deli-style flower, redefine unit sales as grams sold. 

By default, unit sales are reflected as per item, not per gram. If a retailer sells 3g of Wedding Cake, we consider that as 1 unit sold (1 unit per distinct product sold). However, this could be reflected as 3grams sold instead of 1 unit when it pertains to bulk flower. By redefining this measure, we are creating a more accurate forecast for reorder suggestions & enabling retailers to use the Reorder Report for bulk flower products.


How do I implement this?

To turn on Bulk inventory head to the Location Details for the store you want to change. If you want to change multiple stores, you will need to repeat this for every store that should run on bulk units.

  1. Click on your initials in the bottom left corner and click on settings
  2. Under "Company" find "Location Details"
  3. Use the Location drop-down to select the store you wish to edit. 
  4. Use the "Settings" tab to find the "Use Bulk Flower" toggle and turn that on
  5. Hit the "Apply" button
  6. Repeat for any other stores that need to use bulk flower




Once these settings are applied, your reorder report and other inventory dashboards will recalculate unit sales and grams sold automatically.

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