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Retailer: Custom Week Starts
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Our dataviz provider, Looker, automatically has weeks running from Monday-Sunday. We have heard from Retailers that they'd like to measure weeks differently, so we've created Custom Week Starts. In the location details for a store there is a field called "Week Start" that can be updated on a store by store basis allowing end users can view graphs/charts with their preferred week start.We want Headset to meet Retailers where they are at in their business. If they've already been running on Sunday through Saturday, they shouldn't have to completely adjust how they think of their business just so that they can work with Headset data.


How it works

In the retailer app, anywhere there is a date granularity that includes Week, there will now be an option for Week Custom.


To set your custom week start date click on your initials in the bottom left corner, click on "Location Details", then on the particular store you want to change. In the pane in the right, you will find a drop down to set the custom week start.

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