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Holiday Sales Bump Analysis
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Holiday Sales Bump Analysis


About this Dashboard

The Holiday Sales Bump Analysis dashboard is designed to help you dissect sales variations during holiday periods. Holidays often bring about unique spikes in demand, and this dashboard enables you to evaluate these sales fluctuations. By comparing average daily sales during your selected date range to the average daily sales from the four weeks leading up to the chosen date, you can gain insights to better prepare for sales surges on specific holidays. This analysis aids in planning for increased demand during holidays such as 4/20, Christmas, Green Wednesday, Super Bowl, Mother's Day, and more.

Select one or multiple store locations, specify a single date or a date range of up to 7 days, and determine your preferred method of data segmentation. After making your selections, click "Reload" in the upper right corner to generate the report. Additionally, you can narrow down your analysis by specifying particular categories, brands, and vendors. For instance, in the example graphs below, we've chosen to examine sales during the week leading up to and including the 4/20 holiday in Colorado in 2019.

**Please note that this dashboard is not intended for analyzing periods longer than 7 days**

For weekly or monthly trends, consider using the Demand Planning - Period Over Period dashboard. If you encounter no results, it's likely because you have chosen a date range exceeding 7 days. This dashboard is designed to display sales lifts for a limited number of days and will not yield data if more than 7 days are selected.


Sales Lift By Category

This tile compares the average daily sales during the selected date range to the average daily sales for the same days in the preceding four weeks. It does not respect the category filter, allowing you to observe category-level comparisons of sales spikes. For example, in the image below, we can see increases in Vapor Pens, Edibles, and Pre-rolls on 4/20 compared to the same day the previous week.



Sales Lifts by Slice Selection (for Selected Category/Brand/Vendor)

In this example, we have chosen "Pre-Roll" in our category filter and sliced the data by brand, displaying all the brands associated with Pre-Rolls. The green dots' height represents the percentage lift, correlating with the right vertical axis, while the sales levels on the left axis correspond to the vertical bars. Lighter-colored vertical bars show sales levels for the measured period, while darker-colored bars represent the average of the previous four periods with the same number of days selected.

The final tile on this dashboard presents the same data as the visualization above but in tabular form, offering a detailed breakdown of sales lifts by slice selection.

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