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Leafly Point-of-Sale Menu Sync Instructions
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Menu sync setup and functionality:


If you have both Headset and Leafly setup, you will go through the following steps to sync and activate your POS menu → 

  1. Log into Leafly's backend (Biz).
  2. Set up your sync + paste your Headset Store API Key on Leafly’s backend.
  3. Activate your menu sync on Leafly’s backend.


Synced Items Overview

Once set up, you will be able to sync the following items.

Items that will sync to Leafly’s front-end →

  • Menu Categories (dependent on retailer input)
  • Pricing
  • Item Name
  • Strain Name
  • Brand Name
  • Inventory Level
  • THC + CBD Information


Items that will not sync to Leafly’s front-end → 

  • Images (these can be manually uploaded in Biz / on Menu Manager)
  • Enable Pick-Up on Items (this can be manually updated in Biz / on Menu Manager)


Leafly Setup

Step 1: Starting with Menu Manager

  1. Open your web browser and sign into your Leafly backend →
  2. Open the Menu Manager (Beta) Tab





Step 2: Visit Settings

  1. Click “Settings” at the upper, right-hand corner on the Menu Manager page.
  2. Once you select this, a popup window will appear to set up the POS Integration.





Step 3: Choose BioTrack





Step 4: Select I've already got BioTrack and Headset connected from the second dropdown.





Step 5: Copy-and-paste the Headset API Key / Store ID





Step 6: Generate Your Headset API Key

Visit the Leafly Menu Sync Integration Page and generate the key





Step 7: Enter your Headset API Key within Leafly

  1. Paste the generated in Headset into the “Headset Store ID” field.
  2. Click to TEST and ensure it is the correct Store ID.

Note: If correct, you will see the Success! message. If the ID is not correct, you will receive an error message with a link to Headset Support. Prior to reaching out, re-confirm the information entered was accurate.






Step 8: Activate!

Once the ID is confirmed, click “ACTIVATE” to complete the sync on the Leafly backend.

Once activated, your POS menu through Headset will be synced.






You Did It!

If you open the “Settings” page again after activating, you will see that you successfully synced on our backend.



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