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Holiday Analysis
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How and when to use this dashboard.

This dashboard is meant to help you analyze changes in sales due to holidays. Holidays present unique spikes in demand and this dashboard will allow you to review the changes in sales so that you can better plan for sales spikes around these particular days. In order to give you a picture of sales increases around the holidays this dashboard compares average daily sales for the date range chosen to the average daily sales in the 4 weeks preceding the chosen date.

Use this dashboard to plan for spikes in demand due to holidays, like 4/20, Christmas, Green Wednesday, Super Bowl, Mother’s Day, etc.

Choose a date (or a range of up to 7 days), a market, and a category then hit reload in the upper right corner. The dashboard will display the sales on the chosen day and compare it to the 4 weeks before. In our example graphs below, we’ve selected the week leading up to and including the 4.20 holiday in Colorado in 2019.

This dashboard is not meant to analyze periods longer than 7 days. To analyze weekly or monthly trends please use the Demand Planning - Period Over Period Analysis.

If you get no results:
This is likely because you have selected more than 7 days in the Date Select Filter. This dashboard is meant to display sales lifts due to a limited number of days and will not display any data if more than 7 days are selected.

Sales Lifts by Category:
This tile compares the average daily sales in the date range chosen to the average daily sales for the same days in the preceding four weeks. This tile does not respect the category filter so you may see a category-level comparison of sales spikes. Use this tile to understand how the impact of holidays differs by category. For example, in the image below, we see substantial increases in the week leading up to and including 4.20 in Flower, Concentrates, Pre-Rolls, and Beverages.

This tile reflects your subscriptions and will only show data for the categories to which you are subscribed.

Sales Lift by Segment for Selected Category
We chose Flower in our category filter for this example and so we’re seeing Hybrid, Sativa, Indica, and so on for our segments.

The level of the green dots represents the percentage lift and corresponds with the right vertical axis. The sales levels on the left axis correspond to the vertical bars. The lighter-colored vertical bars show sales levels for the period we’re measuring, and the darker-colored bars represent the average of the previous 4 periods of the same number of days selected.

Sales Lift by Brand for Selected Category or Segment
This tile displays the sales lifts by brand for the Category (and Segment if selected) during the holiday chosen. Use this tile to better understand sales increases at the brand level so that you can better plan to have the appropriate stock at stores for your own brand on holidays. Additionally, review the sales increases of competing brands to understand how each brand stacks up around the holidays.

The ‘Selected...’ and ‘Compare Date...’ discount columns show the average discounts for the selected and compare dates, respectively, and help you see whether a particular brand was trying to purchase market share by increasing their discounts on this particular holiday. Did some brands sacrifice sales with much larger than usual discounts in order to maintain their ranking?

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