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Headset & Springbig - Creating Campaigns
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Creating Campaigns using Headset & Springbig


  1. After segmenting your customers in Headset, export your customer list by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right of the “Customer List” table.



  1. Download as a .csv file. Leave the default settings for download.



  1. Clean up the file by changing Headset default headers to Springbig compatible headers (see table below). Delete any columns with extraneous information (e.g. average basket size, first transaction date etc.)


Headset Headers

Springbig Compatible Headers

Customer Attribute (email)


Customer Attribute (phone number)


Customer Name




  1. After preparing your Headset file, save your file as a .csv. The next step will be to create a location group in Springbig.


  1. Login to Springbig & navigate to the “Settings” tab on the sidebar menu, & click on “Groups.”


  1. Within the “Groups” dashboard, select the “Locations” dropdown arrow, & select “New Location.” Name this location the same name as your saved .csv file, ensuring punctuation & capitalizations are also the same, & then click "add"


  1. After creating your location, click on the “Customers” tab from the sidebar menu, & click on “Import Customers.” Import your Headset file by selecting “choose file,” then “upload” (towards the bottom of the page).


  1. Once the import is uploaded, navigate to “Campaigns” from the sidebar menu & create a “New Campaign” (upper right hand corner).


  1. Add recipients to the campaign by clicking on “+ recipients” drop down. Find & select the relevant location that you created (e.g. “Headset At Risk Segment.”).


  1. Now you’re ready to curate your message & execute your campaign.




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