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In Stock Average Units per Day

Definition: This is the average number of units sold per day when the product was in stock. Note: Out-of-stock days are not included. Also needs a date filter to determine what date range we are taking an average of. Equation: Total amount sold / days in stock Example: This metric is used in a lot of other calculat…

In Stock Days

Definition: This is the total number of historic days in the selected date range filter in which the product was in stock. Note: For when the product was in stock. Used when there is a date filter. Equation: count distinct of days, where the product was in stock, if a product was out of stock at the end of the day, …

Stock Coverage Ratio

Definition: How many days of stock do you have in inventory TO how many units you expect to sell in the date period selected in the filter. (For every 1 unit I expect to sell, I have (stock_ratio_value) in inventory). Note: This uses the current units on hand in the equation. The average number of units sold per day …

Percent Days In Stock

Definition: This is the % of days the product was in stock in the time period chosen. Note: If you aggregate products this becomes the % of days at least 1 product in the category/brand was in stock Equation: unique in stock days/day count Example: % Days in stock can be looked upon if sales for a product weren't s…

Stock Coverage Ratio - Metrics

_Inventory Coverage Ratio Visual Aid_ [![][1]][1] [![][2]][2] [1]: [2]:

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