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ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Category Deep Dive
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  • ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Category Deep Dive


To access the ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Category Deep Dive dashboard, expand the add-on Demographics module and select ‘Category Deep Dive’.



When / How to use this dashboard

Use this dashboard to look deeply into a single category and its segments. Look at demographic details over various time frames by selecting different months in your DATE RANGE filter on the top of this dashboard. Seek to answer questions like, ‘

How popular is this category across the different demographic groups?’, ‘Is this popularity changing over time?’, ‘Which segments are most popular with each group?’, and ‘What level of discounting is required to encourage a demographic group to buy?’

Note that the filters on the top of this dashboard strongly affect how the data is displayed. For example, you can look at a particular segment or investigate them all at the same time. Alternatively, you can look by Package Size instead of Segment. And, like many of the Demographics dashboards, you can select to filter by Gender, Generation, or Gender + Generation.


Percent of Customers Purchasing the Selected Category

This single metric reflects you selection(s) in the DATE RANGE filter and tells you what percent of customers purchased anything from the selected category in over the time frame. In this example we’re using Pre-Rolls. This is a popular category and roughly 1 in 3 consumers went home with one of these.



Selected Category Year Over Year Growth

Is our selected category growing or shrinking for each of these groups? Notice we can examine both the percentage change, where Gen Z shows 212.4% growth from July of 2019 to July of 2020; and the net change, where Millennials show 4.4 million dollars in net growth over this time period.



Selected Category Month Over Month

Which group(s) lead the way in this category’s expansion or contraction month over month? In the illustration below, it was the Silent Generation buying many more Pre-Rolls between April and May. But, by June they had faded once more. Typically, at least since March of 2020, Gen Z led the way in the Pre-Rolls category.



Segment/Package Size Sales (Segments)

What segment is most popular with each demographic group? While the Millennials like all of them, 60.9% of the spending for Cannagars/Blunts is done by them.



Segment/Package Size Sales (Package Size)

Also notice that the larger Package Sizes are popular with the Gen X’ers. They’re doing 25% of the buying (their largest proportion in this time frame) of the 3.5 g. packages.



Sales Index by Segment/Package Size

Once again, how you set your filter preferences impacts the display of the Index table below. However, indexing itself can be used to understand a strong or weak preference by a group. For example, the Gen Z group strongly over-indexes for Cannagars/Blunts with a score of 175, while they under-index for CBD - Single Strain pre-rolls. So this group might politely refuse if you offered them a CBD pre-roll but ask for seconds if you hand them a cannagar. Similarly, members of the Baby Boomers might refuse a Cannagar entirely, but express a preference for an Indica - Single Strain Pre-Roll.



Average Item Price of Segment/Package Size

How price sensitive is each demographic group to a particular segment or package size? Once again vary your filters at the top of this dashboard to switch from Segment to Package size. In the image below, notice the Gen Z (light blue dot) tends to be at or near the top for each of the segments. They want what they want are are willing to pay slightly more for it if necessary.



Discounts of Segments/Package Size

This chart shows the Silent Generation is holding out for a good deal wherever they can get it. The Gen X’ers and the Gen Z people are going to spend a little more freely and are less likely to be looking for a discount when making purchasing decisions.



Selected Category/Segment Wallet Spend

If we gave a typical member of each of these age groups a $100 dollar bill, what Pre-Roll segments would they spent it on. These donuts help us understand this.



% of Customers Purchasing the Category in the Trailing 6 Months

How is each group’s preferences for this category changing over time? Gen Z and Millennials have backed off just slightly in the last half-year. And, what percentage of each age group purchased something from this category in the last 6 months? Note that this question goes to anything in the Pre-Roll category and does’t consider the different segments.



Category/Segment Deep Dive Data Table

Click the 3 dots to the right of the table to download a raw data dump for review inside the tool of your choice. The dialog will present you with various choices for formatting the data.





Cross Category Wallet

Each of the columns represent the sales to people that purchase products in the category. The first column on the left shows ‘Beverages’. For people who open their wallet to spend on this category what are the next 3 most likely categories where they’re likely to spend? The first thing we see is Flower, followed by Vapor Pens, and then Edibles. This is not so for Vapor Pens (the far right column). These consumers tend to reach into their wallets to buy additional Flower, Edibles, or Pre-Rolls to go with their main purchase.



Selected Category Consumer’s Cannabis Wallet Share

The pie chart below helps us pursue the question, ‘What is the percentage of wallet spent on other categories where our selected category is highest?’ This visualization takes our column of choice from the Cross Category Wallet and looks at consumer choice in detail. In this case we’ve selected vapor pens. And again, consumers spending on vapor pens will also spend on Flower, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates.



Selected Category Consumer’s Cannabis Wallet Share

The pie chart below offers a quick visual comparison to our selected category wallet share by presenting the market as a whole. It shows category market share without preferences. So whereas above (or to the left in Insights) you’d expect to see vapor pens take up a larger percentage of wallet spend for people who buy vapor pens, for the market as a whole the wallet spend is smaller. And whereas the Flower portion wallet spend is larger for the market as a whole, people who prefer vapor pens tend to spend less of their available wallet on Flower.



Selected Category Wallet Share X Category Market Share

This bar chart gives you a bar by bar (category by category) comparison of what our selected category consumer prefers compared to the overall market. Following our Vapor Pen preference example, these consumers by more vapor pens than the rest of the market. And while they may not go home with as much or as many units of Flower, Concentrates, Pre-Rolls or Edibles, they’re not shy about frequently adding these items to their baskets.



Selected Category Consumer’s Cannabis Wallet Share Over Time

The time frame for the Selected Category Consumer’s Cannabis Wallet Share Over Time is the previous 12 full months. Can you see the size of the wallet growing for Flower and Pre-Rolls and shrinking for Vapor Pens? Our typical consumer’s preferences for the selected category over time reflect these evolving choices. Please note, to avoid double-counting of consumers, each month shown is a roll-up of the previous six months. So the month of June shown on the far left reflects the data from December through May.



Selected Category Cannabis Wallet Share by Generation

This visualization reflects consumer spending data by generation for the most recent closed month. It answers the question, ‘What portion of the consumer’s wallet is spent on the category selected, and on what other categories is each generation spending the most and so on?’ Notice in the chart below the age groups get older as you move down the left axis, with Gen Z at the top and Silent Generation at the bottom. Note how the preference for spending on Edibles increases along with age, and conversely, an interest in Concentrates increases as the age group gets younger.



Selected Category Cannabis Wallet Share by Gender

This chart shows how consumers with a preference for our selected category (in the Category filter at the top of this dashboard) also prefer to spend on other categories by gender, and regardless of age.



Data Download

Download this data for use outside of Insights by clicking on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the data table.



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Data Definitions:

Gen Z


Generation X

Baby Boomers

Silent Generation




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