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What Are They Buying?
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When / How to use this dashboard

Utilize this dashboard as an overview of who is purchasing cannabis across markets. The tiles on this dashboard range from standing data from the last closed month to trending data over the last 24 months.

Select Filters:
Make your selections from the filters by selecting ‘Market, ’Category’, ‘Demographics’, ‘Generation’, and ‘Gender’, as shown in the image below. The available categories will be limited to those in your subscription. Then press the ‘Run’ button to refresh the dashboard.

Category Sales
Which group buys more concentrates? Who buys the least vapor pens? The Category Sales table shows category sales from the most recent closed month according to your filter settings. In the example below, we’ve selected Females from the Gender filter, and Millennials and Generation X from the Generation filter. Which categories do these sub-groups prefer? Hover over any of the vertical bars to see the amount in dollars spent by that group on the category in question last month.

Average Sales (to Selected Category) the Last 6 Months by Demographic
How much is each demographic group spending on these categories over the last 6 months? In the table below we can see that Female Gen X’ers spent 15 dollars more on vapor pens in this time frame. Download this table by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the table.

Wallet Spend
Give each of your selected groups a one-hundred-dollar bill. What would they buy? Generation X Females would buy more edibles than their younger Millennial counterparts, and the Millennials would buy more concentrates. This chart is limited to your subscribed categories.

Index by Category
Is there a substantial difference between groups? For demographic groups as shown below, it looks like our Gen X group is much more likely to buy Edibles than Millennials once again. Add in different demographic groups for additional comparisons. If the index is the same or very similar, like Flower and Vapor Pens in our table, this means the Millennials and Generation X’ers are just as like to buy from that category. Try adding in Gender and taking out one or more groups for different types of comparisons.

Year Over Year Sales Growth Scatter Plot
Is the spending of one group changing year over year? Notice the categories listed on the left vertical axis here. We’re comparing the last full calendar month to the same month for last year. The size of the bubble represents the size of spend for the most recent month. The horizontal axis shows the percentage change in sales between this year and last year. Note there’s a vertical 0 line, where points to the left indicate fewer sales this year compared to last year for the month in question. In this case, both Gen X Females and Millennial Females spent less on vapor pens than they did a year ago.

Year Over Year Sales Growth By Demographic
This chart shows the same data as the bubble chart above but helps you understand it from the perspective of the demographic group, sorting each set of plotted points into its own group. Here we’re seeing that Millennial Females were much less interested in Vapor Pens last month (compared to last year) compared to Gen X Females. At the same time, the Gen X Females showed more interest in Pre-Rolls than their Millennial counterparts.

Year Over Year Sales and Growth (Table)
Finally, current and last year's sales for the most recent closed month are available here for download. Click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the table to download the data.


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