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ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Selected Demographics
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  • ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Selected Demographics


To access the ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Selected Demographics dashboard, expand the ADD-ON DEMOGRAPHICS module and select ‘Selected Demographics’.




When / How to use this dashboard

Use this dashboard to look deeply into a particular customer demographic group. Have questions surfaced from your earlier exploration of a particular group? Are sales to this group growing or shrinking year over year? Which categories are growing the fastest for this group? How are their interests changing? And, which segments or package sizes within their preferred categories are getting the most attention?

Note that the filters on the top of this dashboard affect how the data is displayed. Select a single Generation and Gender at one time, and select multiple categories if desired.

And note the ‘Slice By’ filter exposed the ability to see the ‘% of Sales Within Categories’ visualization in two very different ways. Select ‘Package Size’ or ‘Segment’, and select the RUN button to update this dashboard.



Demographic Group Statistics (Most Recent Month)

How much activity is your selected group generating in this category?

These metrics refer to the most recent completed month, so for example on September first this will refer to August. For the filter selections you’ve made, you’ll see the Sales and Units of the selected category or categories. You’ll see the Average Item Price of those units along with the percent of total sales from this category. And finally, the ‘% of Total Units’ metric tells you, for the category and demographic you selected, the percentage of all units for this category purchased during the previous full calendar month.



Total Year over Year Growth

Is sales to this group growing?

This chart answers this question by showing you the last full month, the same month from the previous year, and the same month for the year before that. Note the sales in dollars across the top, the months across the bottom in yyyy-mm form, and the black arrows show the percentage growth, year over year.



Year over Year Growth by Categories

Are the categories we’re exploring (you CAN select any or all categories in the filter above to which you are subscribed) growing faster than sales to our selected demographic? Look at the percentages in the black arrows on each chart for comparison. Below we’re showing year over year growth for the previous closed month by category and looking back 2 years.




% of Sales Within Categories

What package sizes are most popular with our demographic for these categories? Select ‘Package Size’ in the ‘Slice By’ filter above to explore here. Then, hover over a colored slice to see more detail.

What segment(s) are most popular with our demographic for these categories? Select ‘Segment’ in the ‘Slice By’ filter above to explore here. Then, hover over a colored slice to see more detail.

Also note the gender filter at the top of this dashboard and be sure to observe the differences between Males and Females in these preferences! Only one gender is represented at a time.





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Data Definitions:

Gen Z


Generation X

Baby Boomers

Silent Generation

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