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Vendor/Brand Overview
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Vendor/Brand Overview

About This Dashboard


What Is It?

This dashboard is located within the Sales Section of Retailer Pulse and offers you the capability to review inventory, sales, and revenue performance segmented by Brands and Vendors. The "Vendor/Brand Overview" provides a summary encompassing all brands with the ability to filter by category.

Why Would You Want This?

This dashboard empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of a specific brand or vendor's performance within a selected time frame and category. Here are some questions you can answer using these dashboards:

  • What are your top-selling brands?
  • What percentage of units are on hand compared to the total units sold within any given time frame?
  • Find information on Total Revenue, Profit, Gross Margin, Average Markup, Total Units Sold, Product on Hand Count, and Percentage of Revenue for any brand and category within a selected time frame.

The first tile, which provides top seller metrics, gives you insights into your best-performing brand among the various sellers in this category.



Vendor/Brand Overview - Quantity Sold vs. Quantity on Hand

The initial visualization tile on the Overview Dashboard enables you to compare the quantities sold for a brand versus the number of units on hand. This tile can be filtered for your chosen time frame or category segment.

In this example, we are examining our Edible brands over the past 60 days. The objective is to identify top edible brands and brands that are overstocked. Typically, retailers carry more selection than necessary, and this visualization clearly highlights that only a handful of our brands are responsible for the majority of unit sales. Pay attention to any discrepancies here.

For instance, Wyld has a high percentage of units sold (light blue bar) and a lower percentage of units on hand (dark blue bar). This suggests a need to work with Wyld to place a reorder soon.

Additionally, take note of Gravity Gummies, which has a very high percentage of total units on hand compared to the percentage of units sold. The index dot (seafoam green dot above the bars) is also quite high. A higher index indicates that the brand is overstocked.



Check out our Revenue Trend table, where you can review how your Brands are performing over the last two complete months of the current year, and the current month of the previous year. This table is useful for determining if a new brand brought into your product mix has been performing well, or if a once-popular brand has moved lower in rank.


Vendor/Brand Overview - Sales Data Table

Towards the bottom of the dashboard, you can access the Sales Data Table Tile, which provides a breakdown of each brand's performance in descending order of revenue.





Next, head to our ‘Vendor/Brand Details’ dashboard to dive into some specifics, like “What products are selling well from Wyld”, or “Is there a product or two from Gravity Gummies that I should continue to stock, or should I remove them from our offerings?”

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