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Categories Dashboard and Category Details
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Retailer has several options to analyze how product categories perform and the products within those categories. 

The first recommended dashboard would be the Categories dashboard in the sales section of your menu. On this dashboard the store and category filters can be left blank to look at all stores, all categories or you also can choose specific stores or categories to analyze. 

This report does not have a time frame filter. It will always be looking at the previous 30 days here. 

Once the report loads, you will quickly see a ranking of your categories by revenue, along with units sold and the average item price for products in that category. 

As you move further down the dashboard, we will also provide you with a look into: 

  • Percent of revenue each category contributed over time
  • Revenue growth over time
  • Average margins by category ( Only applies if we are able to get cost from your point of sale company )
  • Estimated Days of Supply by category
  • Category trends, most recent completed month vs the month prior 



Now that we've looked at the high level data for category performance, we want to dive in a little deeper. You can do that in the same section of the menu, but we're going to click on Category Details instead. 

On this report, you have filters that will allow you to use a customized time frame, look at all stores in the enterprise or just one location at a time, and of course choose the category you want to dive into more. There is also a filter here to tell the report how you want the data broken down, by brand, vendor or package size. 


Once you've made your selections and have run the report, you'll see data pertaining to just the category you selected including, percent of revenue the category contributed in the time frame you selected, monthly sales for that category, revenue ranking by brand, vendor, or package size depending on your filter selection and lastly category data YTD and MTD along with a break down of sales by package size in this category. 



Finally, the last tile on this dashboard is going to be your top products list. This table can be sorted by column by clicking the header of column. By sorting the columns, you can decide if you would rather see the product with the most revenue in the time frame you selected, or the products that sold the most units. Those items aren't always the same. 


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