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Headset's Standardized Categories & Segments
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Headset Insights breaks up individual products into a few levels of classification: category and segment. Segments are all a subtype of a category.

A single product can only have one category or segment assigned to it.

Headset uses the definitions below to determine at the time of tagging what category and segment a product should be in. If you see a product and disagree with the current category/segment classification, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].


Category Segment Definition
Beverages (all) A cannabis-infused liquid intended for oral consumption.
Beverages Carbonated A fizzy, carbonated beverage. Usually described as "soda."
Beverages Ice Tea, Lemonade, Fruit Ready-to-drink teas, lemonades, and fruit drinks. Includes Kombucha
Beverages Drops, Mixes, Elixirs, Syrups Products marketed as drink concentrates or dissolve into a liquid.
Beverages Water Marketed as infused "water"
Beverages Sports & Energy Marketed as for energy or sports recovery. Often in a smaller form factor, like 5-hour energy shots
Beverages Tea, Coffee, Hot Choc Tea bags, powdered or bagged coffee beans, mixes typically meant to be served hot
Beverages Mocktails Imitation of a traditional alcoholic beverage
Beverages Milk Anything labeled "Milk" or obviously "creamy"
Capsules (all) Pills or tablets that usually contain a cannabis-infused powder or liquid.
Capsules Hybrid Capsules marketed as having a "hybrid" effect, or capsules with no specific described effect.
Capsules CBD / CBN Capsules containing CBD and/or CBN.
Capsules Suppository Capsules intended for rectal or vaginal use.
Capsules Indica Capsules marketed as having an "indica" style effect.
Capsules Sativa Capsules marketed as having a "sativa" style effect.
Concentrates (all) A product mechanically or chemically derived from cannabis with a higher cannabinoid potency than the original plant material usually intended for smoking or vaporizing. Note that some segments are characterized by how the end product looks while others are characterized by the method used to produce it.
Concentrates Wax Any solid, waxy concentrate that fits no other more specific definition.
Concentrates RSO / WPE / Full Spectrum an unrefined liquid concentrate, extracted using ethanol as a solvent
Concentrates Kief trichomes from cannabis flower
Concentrates Live Resin made with fresh, uncured flower
Concentrates Rosin created through physical pressure and heat- no solvent
Concentrates Shatter a solid concentrate that is typically brittle and glassy in texture. Commonly called "Pull 'N Snap“
Concentrates Hash A concentrate made by applying pressure and heat to collected cannabis trichomes
Concentrates Honeycomb / Crumble A fluffy wax formed into a repeating geometric structure to resemble a honeycomb
Concentrates Honey Oil / Hash Oil Liquid concentrate
Concentrates Bubble Hash / Full Melt Higher potency hash that "bubbles" when smoked, typically made using an ice water bath to collect maximum trichomes
Concentrates Crystalline (THCa, CBDa, etc.) A highly processed nearly pure cannabinoid final product resembling salt granules, and potentially the purest form of THC
Concentrates HTE - High Terpene Extracts Multi-step, temperature-controlled extraction process designed to maintain the terpene levels in the naturally occurring plant
Concentrates Distillate Usually clear as a measure of purity
Concentrates Tanker / Applicator / Syringe A distillate or concentrate is packaged in this way. When concentrates are packaged in such a way as to make them easy to dispense
Concentrates Badder / Budder A highly viscous liquid, similar to cake batter; similar to wax but softer and more pliable
Edible (all) A cannabis-infused food intended for oral consumption.
Edible Cookie Cookies, (chocolate chip, macaroons, oatmeal raisin, etc.)
Edible Brownie, Blondie, and Cereal Bars "Brownie" or "Blondie" in the product title. Includes "rice krispie treat" style products.
Edible Chocolate Chocolate bars or bites: includes white chocolate and flavored chocolates. Includes chocolate-covered espresso beans.
Edible Cake and Pie Baked goods described as "Cake" or "Pie." "Cake Pops" are the most common type of product.
Edible Dried Fruit, Nuts and Granola Infused nuts, nut butters, bagged granola OR granola bars, as well as dried fruit.
Edible Candy, Lozenge and Gum Hard and other types of candies, as well as gums
Edible Gummies Marketed as a "gummy", or has the recognizable "gummy" texture
Edible Caramels, Chews and Taffy Marketed as a "caramel", "chew", or "taffy."
Edible Honey, Sugar and Sweeteners Honey and sweet powdered THC meant to be added to food.
Edible Ingredients (Cooking Oil, Flour, etc.) Products intended to be used during cooking such as butter, infused olive oil, and baked good mixes.
Edible Savory Edibles Edibles that are not sweet such as crackers, pretzels, soups, etc.
Edible Mints Marketed as "Mints". Usually packaged in a tin.
Edible Frozen Any edible requiring a freezer, such as ice creams or popsicles.
Flower (all) Cannabis plant material, usually the flowers or buds of the female plant.
Flower Hybrid Cannabis flower from a hybrid strain.
Flower Indica Cannabis flower from an indica-dominant strain.
Flower Sativa Cannabis flower from a sativa-dominant strain.
Flower CBD Cannabis flower from a high cbd strain.
Flower Hybrid - Popcorn Small, lower-grade, cannabis flower from a hybrid strain. Typically sold at a lower price.
Flower Indica - Popcorn Small, lower-grade, cannabis flower from an indica-dominant strain. Typically sold at a lower price.
Flower Sativa - Popcorn Small, lower-grade, cannabis flower from a sativa-dominant strain. Typically sold at a lower price.
Flower CBD - Popcorn Small, lower-grade, cannabis flower from a high cbd strain. Typically sold at a lower price.
Flower Specialty / Infused Cannabis flower infused with cannabis concentrates. Common synonyms are "caviar" and "moonrocks".
Flower Shake and Trim Cannabis plant material, a byproduct from of the curing and trimming process. Typically sold at a lower price.
Pre-Roll (all) Cannabis plant material that has been manufactured into a cigarette, intended for smoke inhalation.
Pre-Roll Hybrid - Single Strain A pre-roll filled with a single strain of cannabis flower, where the contents are from a single hybrid strain.
Pre-Roll Indica - Single Strain A pre-roll filled with a single strain of cannabis flower, where the contents are from a single indica-dominant strain.
Pre-Roll Sativa - Single Strain A pre-roll filled with a single strain of cannabis flower, where the contents are from a single sativa-dominant strain.
Pre-Roll CBD - Single Strain A pre-roll filled with a single strain of cannabis flower, where the contents are from a single high-CBD strain.
Pre-Roll Mixed Strain A pre-roll filled with multiple strains of cannabis often described as a "blend."
Pre-Roll Cannagars / Blunts A pre-roll where the rolling paper is made of atypical material (eg. cannabis/hemp Leaves, hemp-based "blunt wraps", etc.) Brand describes the product as a "cigar", "cannagar", "blunt" etc. Often larger-sized than other pre-rolls and can be infused with concentrates.
Pre-Roll Connoisseur / Infused A pre-roll that contains cannabis concentrates (oil, hash, kief, etc.) in addition to the base cannabis plant material.
Tincture & Sublingual (all) Cannabis infusions intended for oral use more similar to supplements or medication than food
Tincture & Sublingual Tincture an infused liquid traditionally made with alcohol as the solvent. Usually potent, and dosed with a dropper.
Tincture & Sublingual Oral Spray an infused liquid, packaged in a bottle that allows the user to dose by "spritzing" into the mouth.
Tincture & Sublingual Breathstrips and Sublingual Pouches Infused solids meant to be held in the mouth for sublingual absorption.
Topicals (all) A cannabis-infused liquid or solid intended for external use.
Topicals Lotion, Salves, Gels, and Creams A liquid meant to be applied to the skin. Includes "rubs" and "balms."
Topicals Patch An infused patch intended to be applied directly to the skin.
Topicals Transdermal Products Marketed as "transdermal."
Topicals Bath Salts, Soaks and Scrubs Products intended for bathing; includes soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.
Topicals Lip Balm Topicals intended for use on the lips.
Topicals Massage Oil / Lube Marketed as "massage oil", "personal lubricant", or "intimate oil".
Vapor Pens (all) A device consisting of a battery and a cartridge. The cartridge contains a heating element and a liquid cannabis concentrate. The user can use the device to vaporize the cannabis concentrate the need for larger, more complicated paraphernalia.
Vapor Pens All-in-one Rechargeable A battery and cartridge sold together. The battery can be used again with a different cartridge.
Vapor Pens Cartridge Just the cartridge portion of a vapor pen, containing a liquid cannabis concentrate and the heating element. No battery included.
Vapor Pens All-in-one Disposable A vapor pen where the cartridge and battery are inseparable. Once the concentrate is consumed the entire device is disposed of.
Vapor Pens Refill / E-Juice Cannabis concentrate marketed as being used to refill depleted cartridges.
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