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Re-Order Report
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Reorder Report

This report takes the guesswork out of your ordering process, providing you with data-driven reorder suggestions on products that you need to replenish.

The reorder report uses specific calculations to determine a suggested order for each product that is low in stock.  

Underlying Logic

This report takes a 28 or 60-day historical snapshot of your product sales to (1) define the total number of units sold and (2) find the number of days when the product was in stock.

We then take these two numbers to calculate the in-stock avg. units per day (total units sold / number of days when the product was in stock). We use this number to calculate the number of units we expect you to sell during the weeks of supply selected, which equals the in-stock avg. units per period.

Lastly, we subtract in stock avg. units per period from your total quantity on hand to arrive at the minimum suggested order.


Store: Location(s) you wish to run the reorder report for
Trailing Days: The number of historical days worth of sales the report will take into consideration for average daily units sold

Inventory Should Cover: The desired number of weeks of supply you prefer to have on hand at any given time
Buffer Days: Adding days to your desired weeks of supply to account for travel time once your order is placed 

Estimated Increase or Decrease in Demand: Tells the report to add adjust the minimum suggested order based on upcoming holidays or other events that may affect your usual sales
Optional Category, Vendor, Brand: Allows you to choose a specific area to focus on reordering

How to use this report?

Select your store and the weeks of supply that you would like products to be on the shelves. We understand that expectations vary by product type, which is why we gave you the option to filter the report by vendor, brand, and category.

After applying your filters, the report will generate a minimum suggested order, which you’ll find in the far right column. This will be the number of units we suggest you order to ensure that product remains on the shelves for your designated weeks of supply.

In the above example, we have told the reorder report that we desire 2 weeks of supply on hand at any given time. 

The item highlighted has 7 units in stock today and when the product was in stock it sold on average 2 units per day. This means that we only have about 3 days remaining of supply if those remaining 7 units continue to sell at this pace. 

Knowing this, the report is going to generate the minimum number of units you should order to cover the next 14 days (2 weeks). 

2 units per day X 14 days = 24.

Because this item is most likely to sell out within a few days' time, the report is suggesting we order 23 units. 

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