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ADD-ON: CBD Dashboards, CBD Category Details
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To access the ADD-ON: CBD DASHBOARDS, CBD Category Details dashboard, expand the ADD-ON: CBD module, and select CBD Category Details link.

How and when to use this dashboard.
Use this dashboard to learn about a specific CBD category in a particular region. Many of the visualizations described in this document are from California and the Edibles CBD category.

*Please Note, some visualizations will observe the time range filter you set in the dashboard and some will not. For clarification, hover over the question mark in the small circle to the left of the title of the visualization. These will indicate whether the date range filter is observed.

CBD Sales and Market Share
What is the CBD product share of our category? The graph below shows CBD market share of the Edibles category was 21.5% in June of 2020. This is represented by the point on the dark line farthest to the right. Notice the ‘Market Share’ scale along the right vertical axis The total monthly sales for CBD products shows along the left vertical axis.

Average Item Price and Unit Share
Are total sales increasing due to increased market share or increasing average item prices or both? Unit Market Share (the share of Edibles products containing CBD) is nearing 20% as shown by the dark colored line measured against the right vertical axis below. The AIP for CBD Edibles is shown using the light colored line against the scale on the left vertical axis. Hover over any point on the line to see the values for a particular month.

% of Segment CBD Sales
Edibles, like every category, are made up of segments as shown in the legend below. The graph shows the percentage of each segment attributable to CBD products. Here the giant is Honey, Sugar and Sweeteners. Alt-Click on any item in the legend if you want to isolate a single segment. Then click on segments to add them back for comparison one by one . Note the static date range along the bottom of this graph.

Segment Sales
How do the segment sales visually compare to each other when you consider CBD together with THC products in the same vertical bar? Below we can see Gummies reign supreme over the rest of the Edibles category. In fact, CBD Gummies alone out sold each of the separate Edibles segments over the time frame (previous 365 days looking back from late June of 2020). This vertical bar chart reflects the date range filter you configure at the top of this dashboard. Hover over any of the lightly colored dots to see the exact %Sales to CBD Products value.

CBD Product Sales By Segment
This chart once again reverts to a static time frame as displayed along the horizontal axis. What segments sales are dominated by CBD products? How have the sales in dollars changed over the last 2+ years? Stacked Area Charts like this one help you answer these questions at a glance. Alt-Click an item in the legend to study a segment on its own.

CBD:THC Product Ratio Sales Over Time
How do sales of a particular CBD:THC ratio in our selected category fluctuate over time? This graph displays the sales allocated toward the selected category sales total for each ratio over time. These data are represented in a step chart which allows you to compare sales change over time in each available product ratio. Once again, notice the years across the bottom axis of this chart. Alt-Click to select a single ratio from the legend and then add others in for comparison.

CBD Sales by Ratio Over Time
How do the proportion of sales by CBD ratios compare over time? Each colored section represents a particular ratio for its year. The THC Heavy ratio remains very steady whereas the Pure CBD ratio is shrinking. The 5:1 is growing nicely year over year. What other ratios are growing or shrinking?

Product Landscape
How can we look across the entire (in this case Edibles) category to see where consumers appear to be most interested in their CBD options? This heatmap style viz shows you which products are currently available for sale with darker colors representing more sales. What segments are leading the way in CBD Edibles?

There is one heatmap per segment; the x-axis shows the mg of THC in the product and the y-axis the ratio of CBD:THC.
This visualization is good for competitive analysis. Whitespace represents areas of the market where no products exist.

Darker shaded areas represent ares of the market that dominate the current landscape.
Use the Date Range filter to see how the market has changed over time; as you advance time areas that go from dark to light or white are product types that have been retired from the market; areas that get darker are products that are gaining share quickly.

Average Item Price
How does the AIP for THC Only Products compare to the AIP for CBD products by segment? Where are the biggest differences? Average Item Price is the average price of a product before taxes and after discounts.

Average EQ Price by Segment
How do the EQ prices compare between THC Only Products and CBD Products? Notice only 2 of 11 show a minimal difference while the rest show no less than a 50% difference across the board. Are consumers willing to pay a premium for their cannabis edibles when CBD and THC are both included? EQ is measured as the average price per mg of THC in products that contain THC.

Pricing Landscape
This graph creates a picture of the pricing in the marketplace by the product type. This graph is in a heatmap style and gives a visual picture of the average price in the market. Whitespace represents places where no products exist. Darker colors are products with higher prices and lighter colors are products with lower prices. Can you see where consumers are willing to pay extra?

For more information about Landscape visuals look at the text box near the Product Landscape tile above.

Segment Sales by CBD:THC Ratio
These colored rings illustrate the level of CBD ratios that consumers prefer today across the Edibles segments.

Top Brands
Select the three dots next to any brand in the table below to explore it further by Brand Details in a separate dashboard.

Top Products
These are the top sellers in this category across all segments.

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