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CBD Dashboards, CBD Export
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To access the ADD-ON: CBD DASHBOARDS, CBD Export dashboard, expand the ADD-ON: CBD module, and select CBD Export.

How and when to use this dashboard.
Use this dashboard to export CBD data for analysis outside of Headset Insights.

Category + Segment
Use the MARKET filter to select from the markets in your subscription. Then select a date range from the next filter. After updating the data on the dashboard by pressing the ‘RUN’ button, the initial rows of the data set will display. The table shows 8 columns:

Sold Month: Displays the year and month of sales for this category and segment.
Category: CBD dashboards include data from the non-inhalable categories
Segment: A segment is a portion of a category.
Total Sales: (CBD Flagged Products): Total sales for the year-month of products in this segment labelled as CBD.
Total Units: (CBD Flagged Products): Total unit for the year-month of products in this segment labelled as CBD.
CBD % of Sales: Shows the percent of sales attributed to CBD.
CBD Products Average Item Price: The AIP of CBD products in this segment.
THC Only Products Average Item Price: The AIP of products in this segment containing only THC

Exporting the Data

Hover over the data table to expose the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the data table. Click on the 3 dots to see the ‘Download Data’ menu option. When you do this you’ll see the ‘Download’ dialog. Make your selections and press the ‘Download’ button in the lower right corner of the screen.

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