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Bridge: Impact Analysis
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The Impact Analysis report is used to evaluate past performances for promotions or vendor days. Use this tool to determine how successful or unsuccessful the event was based on up to 2 years of historical sales data, which is pulled from the retail POS system. 



Setting Up an Impact Analysis Report:


  1. Navigate to Impact Analysis on the side menu.



  1. Select ‘New Impact Analysis’



  1. Name your report, add the location you wish to run this for, add the desired date range, and click ‘Apply’.


Once you have created the new report you will see the status as ‘Pending’. The status then moves to ‘Running’ and takes a few minutes to build the report depending on the date range selected. Once complete the status will move to ‘Done’ and you can then view the report.



The report provides a summary of sales for a specific period of time and for a specific store location. This information is provided in both sales and units, which you can access by toggling between the two in the top left. The green line is what Headset is projecting based on historical sales data and the purple line represents the actual sales during this period. You will also find sales details broken down by each day, as well as the difference between Headset’s projections and the actual sales numbers.



The impact analysis report is a great tool to determine how successful or unsuccessful an event, promo, or marketing efforts were at a retailer during the selected time period. Pair this with Headset Insights to gain even more insight as to when your target consumer is shopping so you can tailor your marketing efforts for the most successful outcome.


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