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Headset Vault Overview
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The Headset Vault services gives you secure direct access to your inventory and sales transactions through the Snowflake data warehouse. Now you can utilize the same scalable database technology that Headset uses to power all our products to create custom dashboards and workflows to perfectly suit your business. Headset infrastructure services are secure, compliant, and designed to scale with your business.


Your Warehouse or Ours?

If your company is already using Snowflake in daily operations, great!  If you are not a current Snowflake customer we are able to provision a sub-account to get you up and running in a single day.  Start small and grow with Headset, secure data sharing makes it easy to gain access to your real-time data and build solutions in record time.



Bring Your Own Business Intelligence software. With Headset Vault you have full access to your data through Power BI, Tableau, Excel, or any number of other BI platforms that you may already use. A list of supported BI software can be found here.  If you would like to connect programatically, Snowflake supports all major platforms and frameworks.  Our proprietary ingestion technology gives you a consistent data model to slice and dice to meet the needs of your individual business. Not only do we integrate with the leading cannabis point of sale systems, we provide connections to over 100 other data providers and applications. From Quickbooks to Google Analytics, get your data into a central source quickly with our turn-key solutions.  Reach out to your customer success representative if you are interested in additional data sources.



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