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Usage Quota
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If Headset has provisioned and is managing your Snowflake account you will be provided with a number of warehouse compute credits each month. The number of credits available depends on your plan level and the amount of data you have stored in the vault.

How Credits are Billed

One credit represents one hour of compute time for an X-Small warehouse. Snowflake's elastic computing ability ensures that you are only being charged for time that queries are being executed. To optimize credits as best as possible, Headset will create your default virtual warehouse to automatically suspend itself after 1 minute of inactivity. More information about credits and usage can be found in the Snowflake knowledge base: What are Snowflake credits?

Credits Used Each Day

To view your credit usage at any time, log in to your Snowflake portal with a user that has access to the ACCOUNTADMIN role and click on the Account icon at the top of the page.


Under the Billing & Usage tab you will be able to see your credit usage by day:

If you make use of more than one warehouse at any time, you will also be able to split the reporting to see which one is using the most credits.

Quota Notifications

Snowflake has the ability to notify you when you are close to the maximum usage of your credit quota. By default, notifications are configured to occur at 75% usage and then again at 100% usage.  To configure your notification email address, navigate to your account preferences and then click on the Notifications link on the left side.

If you are in need of more credits, don't hesitate to reach out to your account customer success manager.

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