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Quick Start Guide for Bridge
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Headset Bridge is a vendor-retailer intelligence tool designed for vendors (brands, growers) and distributors (inventory, brand, distribution, ops managers) who aspire to improve their retail operations towards efficiency and growth. Headset Bridge offers real-time operational data, trends and actionable insights for inventory management (VMI).


Headset Bridge helps you understand how your products are doing in retail stores. Through Bridge, you can connect directly to retailers that you sell products to and see transaction level sales data directly from their Point of Sale system. In addition, you will also have a view into your retailer's inventory, so you can easily create sales orders, keep your retailers supplied, and keep your products flying off the shelves.


This quick start guide covers:

  • Sign in
  • Settings & Profile
  • Quick Tips
  • Filters
  • Overview
  • Accounts
  • Data Export
  • Reports
  • Schedule Emails
  • Favorites
  • Impact Analysis
  • Help/Support




Navigate to to sign in to your Headset account. If you do not have an account you can reach out directly to Headset for assistance creating one. If for some reason you forgot your password, click on "Forgot Password" to reset it.


After logging in, select BRIDGE from the product list.





By clicking on your initials at the bottom left you can access Settings, Headset's Industry Reports, or the option to Sign Out.




Selecting settings will direct you to your profile page. Here you can manage email preferences and change your password. It also displays your active subscriptions and the number

of active user accounts.





Increase Screen Space - To increase screen space click on the "hamburger" button in the top left corner. This will collapse the menu on the left side of your screen to make room for the dashboard. Click the "hamburger" again to reopen the menu. 




Tooltips - For additional information on each metric hover over the (where visible). These tooltips provide a brief explanation for each metric.




Search Function - Use the search bar to quickly navigate to details on a specific account.




Filters provide the ability to drill into specific stores, time frames, and account rep. The filters are designed to work from left to right. Once you have selected your desired filters click the RELOAD button to the right.


Depending on the dashboards you are viewing some filters are required, while others are optional. When filters are required they are denoted by the asterisk (*) to the right of the filter name and are usually highlighted with a red border as well. 




Once logged in you will be directed to the Overview page. This is the default page that displays each time you log in. This page provides a quick overview of your sales within the specified period of time for each of your stores that are connected to Bridge. You can also filter by Account Rep as well. 





In the Account section you can view:

  • Details (sales)
  • Inventory
  • Reorder Report


Details - This section allows you to quickly and easily see the sales data for a specific store during the specified date range.


Here you will find:

  • Total Sales
  • Total Units
  • SKUs in Stock
  • Cumulative OOS Days
  • Compare Sales/Units by Item Price
  • Product Sales Details




Inventory - Similar to the details section the inventory section is a great way to observe the inventory health for the selected store over the desired date range. 



Reorder Report - The Reorder Report is a forecasting tool to estimate the minimum suggested order to maintain targeted weeks of supply.

The report looks back at 60 days' worth of sales, determines for each item how many units sold per day on average when it was in stock and available, and then uses those two metrics to determine a minimum suggested order to maintain the rate of sales you've been seeing. 



The data export feature allows you to easily export data based on date range, date granularity, store, and account rep(s). This provides you with the ability to export and manipulate the data in Excel or another spreadsheet application.





Account Rep Report - Easily compare account rep performance across your business.



Inactive SKUs - Easily see the products that you have marked as Inactive or Sample.



Triage Report - A quick and easy way to determine which stores you should prioritize. 




This feature allows you to easily send a snapshot of an entire dashboard. Pull up the report you wish to schedule, set the filters accordingly and run the report. Once data has populated, click on the ellipses in the upper right corner of the screen to schedule the dashboard to be emailed one time or on a recurring basis. Simply choose your desired format (excel zip file, or PDF) and email frequency. 




Easily manage scheduled emails by selecting SCHEDULED EMAILS under MY REPORTS. Here you can quickly see the details for each scheduled email. You can also update the frequency, add or remove recipients, or delete the scheduled email entirely.




Favorites allow you to quickly access a specific page that you have customized to your liking. Creating a favorite saves you time so you can easily navigate to the pages that are most relevant to you.  


To create a favorite start by clicking the ribbon icon next to the RUN button. Make sure you've chosen all your filters and run the report before you favorite it, that way, your favorite will save all your selections.  Then name your favorite.




Once a favorite has been created, you can easily access it in the menu on the left side of the page located under FAVORITES.




Modifying your favorites can be accomplished by selecting FAVORITES under MY REPORTS.


Here you are able to quickly see what filters are applied to each favorite and when it was created. You also have the ability to schedule an email, delete it or unpin it from your favorites in the menu. 




The Impact Analysis report is used to evaluate past performances for promotions or vendor days. Use this tool to determine how successful or unsuccessful the event was based on up to 2 years of historical sales data, which is pulled from the retail POS system. 




If you ever need help or assistance you can contact us via: 

  • Live Chat while you're using the tool. You will always reach a live representative, and the support department is available Monday - Friday, 5am PST - 5pm PST. 





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