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Insights Premium Quick Start Guide
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Headset Insights is a competitive intelligence tool designed for operators, brands, LPs, investors and anyone in the cannabis value chain who wants to analyze the competitive landscape, identify opportunities and get a competitive edge. It offers real-time market data, trends and insights, from sales, top brands, SKUs to demographics, margins, and more.


We source our data from our retail partners' point of sale systems. This data is then scrubbed by a series of machine learning algorithms and data entry specialists to assign each product to our product catalog. After the data has been cleaned it goes through additional statistical procedures to reduce things like sampling bias, the impact of outliers, and remove occasional data anomalies. Further, the data is combined with other data such as sales numbers from government agencies or publicly available financial statements. After this process, the data in our sample is forecasted out to represent the total (pre-tax, post-discount) recreational cannabis sales in each of our Insights states. In other words, you are seeing the amounts the customer pays at checkout before taxes. Our sample is constantly monitored to ensure that we have a statistically significant and accurate representation of the total population.


This quick start guide covers:

  • Sign in
  • Settings & Profile
  • Quick Tips
  • Filters
  • Overview
  • Categories
  • Brand Compare
  • Data Export
  • Favorites
  • Schedule Emails
  • Help/Support




Navigate to to sign in to your Headset account. If you do not have an account you can reach out directly to Headset for assistance creating one. If for some reason you forgot your password, click on "Forgot Password" to reset it.





After logging in, select INSIGHTS from the product list.





By clicking on your initials at the bottom left you can access Settings, Headset's Industry Reports, or the option to Sign Out.





Selecting settings will direct you to your profile page. Here you can manage email preferences and change your password. It also displays your active subscriptions and the number of active user accounts.





Increase Screen Space - To increase screen space click on the "hamburger" button in the top left corner.





Tooltips - For additional information on each metric hover over the "?" (where visible). These tooltips provide a brief explanation for each metric.




Select/Deselect - If you are viewing multiple items in a dashboard (markets, categories, segments, etc.) you can select/deselect specific items in order to drill into others that may be overshadowed by those.




Even faster, simply press and hold Alt + click the desired item to quickly view that specific item only. To add the other items back into the chart just repeat the above and click on the same item. This applies to all charts when multiple items are displayed in the legend.





Search Function - Use the search bar to quickly navigate to details on a specific brand, category, products, etc.





Quick Links for Details -  Whenever a brand, product, or segment is displayed in a table they are typically hyperlinked so you can quickly access details for that specific item. You can also click on the ... (where present) for a list of additional options as well. 





Filters provide the ability to drill into specific time frames, markets, categories, segments, pricing, etc. The filters are designed to work from left to right. You may find that when you adjust a filter to the right first and then adjust the filter to the left, your filter on the right resets to the first item in that filter list. Once you have selected your desired filters click the RUN button to the right.



Depending on the dashboards you are viewing some filters are required, while others are optional. This is denoted by the asterisk (*) in the top left of that filter.




In the Overview section you can view:

  • All Markets Overview
  • Market Overview
  • New Products
  • Pricing


All Markets Overview - This dashboard allows you to see data from all markets regardless of your subscriptions.




Market Overview - Once logged in you will be directed to the Market Overview page. This is the default page that displays each time you log in. Here you can see at a high level how the markets you are actively subscribed to are trending or performing.

Here you will find:

  • Total Market Size
  • Year Over Year Monthly Growth Rate
  • Total Sales and Total Units Category Share
  • Pricing and Average Item Price by Category
  • Sales and Unit Volume by Category
  • New Products Last 90 Days
  • Brand Share of Market
  • Top 200 Ranked Brands




New Products - This section allows the ability to compare and dive into new products that have recently been brought to market.


Here you will find:

  • New Products in the last 90 and 180 days
  • Average New Item Price in the last 90 and 180 days
  • % of Products Sold and % of Sales in the last 180 days
  • New Products by Time and Weight
  • List of the new products
  • Average Item Price






Pricing - This allows you to compare and view pricing for each market by category in a number of different ways such as: 

  • Average Price YoY (year-over-year)
  • Segment - Average Price and Cost
  • Package Size by Market Share
  • Average EQ Price by Weight





In this dashboard, we use equivalized pricing. This is a way of normalizing the price per a standard unit of measure. In this case the dosage in milligrams (edibles, topicals, etc.) or the weight in grams (flower, concentrates, and vapor pens). This is an important metric because it allows us to compare prices regardless of the package size.

For more information and a breakdown of this calculation visit "EQ Pricing" in our knowledge base.


The items displayed in this section are going to be dependent on the categories you are actively subscribed to. This section enables you to dive into specific category details such as:

  • Ranking within State
  • Category Market Share
  • Total Sales and Units Sold
  • Sales and Market Share Over Time
  • Segment Breakdown
  • Segment Sales vs Year Ago
  • Top 15 Brands and Products





This section enables you to compare specific brands by sales and pricing using a number of different metrics. You can also use this section to benchmark your own brand against others.


Details Include:

  • YoY (year-over-year) Growth
  • Monthly Sales
  • Category Sales
  • Segment Details
  • Average EQ Price 
  • Sales by Average Unit Cost
  • Wholesale Cost by Weight




This is the only data export feature in Headset Insights. You have the ability to export by Package Size, Category, Segments, Brands, and Total Market. On any one of these you can filter based on the market, date range, date granularity, category*, segments*, and brand(s)*. This provides you with the ability to export and manipulate the data in Excel or another spreadsheet application.





Favorites allow you to quickly access a specific page that you have customized to your liking. Creating a favorite saves you time so you can easily navigate to the pages that are most relevant to you.  

To create a favorite start by clicking the ribbon looking icon next to the RUN button. Then name your favorite.





Once a favorite has been created, you can easily access it in the menu on the left side of the product located under FAVORITES.





Modifying your favorites can be accomplished by selecting FAVORITES under MY REPORTS.





Here you are able to quickly see what filters are applied to each favorite and when it was created. You also have the ability to delete it or unpin it from your favorites in the menu. 





This feature allows you to easily send a snapshot of an entire dashboard. Simply choose your desired format and email frequency. 





Easily manage scheduled emails by selecting SCHEDULED EMAILS under MY REPORTS. Here you can quickly see the details for each scheduled email. You can also update the frequency, add or remove recipients, or delete the scheduled email entirely.





If you ever need help or assistance you can contact us by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right corner of the product 





OR by emailing Support directly.

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