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Shared Favorites
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Shared Favorites



Favorites allow you to quickly access a specific page that you have customized to your liking. Creating a favorite saves you time so you can easily navigate to the pages that are most relevant to you.

To create a favorite start by clicking the ribbon icon next to the RUN button. Then name your favorite.



Sharing FAVORITES allows you to work collaboratively with your team & manage a list of go-to reports. Shared Favorites share across ALL users on your subscription.

Toggle on Share Favorite then click "Apply".





Once a shared favorite has been created, you can easily access it in the menu on the left side of the page located under FAVORITES. Other users on your account will be able to access it in the left-hand menu under SHARED FAVORITES.

This section will only be visible if other users on your account have created shared favorite reports.



Additionally, in the “My Reports” section of your menu, you can see who shared the favorited dashboards with you in the bottom corner of the favorited report.



You will be unable to remove shared favorites from your account. Only the user who shared the favorite can go into the system and delete it or unshare it with you.

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