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Customer Segmentation by Demographics
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This dashboard adds another layer of detail to customer analysis by allowing you to understand the demographic trends within the different RFM segments that make up their customer base. It shows age group and gender data within each RFM segment and allows users to compare segments to the overall store average. It also provides a detailed data download for additional analysis.



The first two tiles help you quickly identify big-picture trends in age and gender across RFM segments. For example, a user might see that most segments tend to run about 60% male but 40% female, but the Champions Segment is 70% male. This immediately tells the user that male customers have a higher likelihood of ending up as very high-value customers.


💡 Tip: Unless you trying to identify the proportion of customers with and without demographic information available, it is advisable to remove Null or ‘Unknown’ values from the analysis using the Customer Gender and Customer Age Group filters at the top of the dashboard.





The next group of tiles compares the demographic make-up of an RFM segment selected with the ‘Segment’ filter at the top of the dashboard with the demographic make-up of the total store. In this example the user has selected Champions, so we can see that in comparison to the store average, Champions significantly over-index male, and slightly over-index to all age groups older than 35.




The next two tiles analyze the total revenue and average revenue per customer by demographic group within the selected RFM segment from the Segment filter. Here you can see that among the store’s Champions, male customers not only contribute more total revenue, but also generate much higher revenue per customer than female customers do.




Finally, the data table provides a large amount of information for you to download and perform your own analyses with. For example, you could download the information on Champions and discover that among male customers, those aged 26-35 whose favorite category is Concentrates have the highest Average basket size of all Champions.



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