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Inventory Comparison
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About this dashboard

What is it?

The Inventory Comparison dashboard is designed to help you gain insights into the most valuable Brands, Vendors, Categories, and Package Sizes in comparison to others or within their own catalog. This information equips you with the data necessary to identify underperforming brands, vendors, or products that may need to be removed.

This page serves various purposes, depending on what you want to assess. You can utilize the "Slice By" filter to measure the Fair Share of Sales for a Category, Vendor, Brand, or Package Size.

Here are some common questions you can answer using this dashboard:

  • Are my 28g Flower products overstocked or understocked compared to their sales?
  • Within each category, are there products, brands, or vendors with poor inventory performance that should be considered for removal?
  • How are my 28g Flower products categorized using the ABC-XYZ Product Analysis Framework? (link to ABC-XYZ Product Analysis Framework guide)
  • Which Brand generates the most sales relative to the SKU assortment?
  • I stock 20 SKUs from Brand A. Are all of them profitable, or should we remove some underperforming SKUs to make space for new products they launched?

Let's go through an example of how you can use this dashboard to analyze your Flower category.

In this example, we are conducting a Fair Share of Sales analysis for Flower, segmented by Package Size. This means we are comparing the number of products in each Package Size to the percentage of sales they contribute.


Fair Share of Sales

For instance, 28G has 29 products contributing to 11.4% of the total revenue for Flower. These 29 products make up only 7% of the total products stocked in the Flower category.

The Index (%Sales:%Products) will be greater than 100 if %Sales is larger than %Products, and it will be less than 100 if %Sales is smaller than %Products. Ideally, you want most (if not all) Package Sizes to index above 100.

Average Sales per Product

Continuing with the example above, all of the Package Sizes that are Indexed >100 have Average Sales per Product above the Average across all Flower Products (horizontal line).


In-Stock Products by Grade (as a % of Total)

Now that we've identified that our 7G Flower assortment needs some trimming down, as indicated by an Index of 75, this visual will help you understand which 7G Flower Products are crucial to your assortment and which can be removed, following the ABC-XYZ Product Analysis Framework.

In this view, you can see that roughly 80% of the 7G Flower assortment consists of Poor Performers or products with no sales in the last 60 days. Only 14 out of 63 in-stock products are considered Good Performers (AY) or Average Performers (BY). This insight guides you in deciding which 7G Flower Products are worth keeping and which can be removed from your inventory.

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