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Inventory Product Details
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About this dashboard

What is it?

The Inventory Product Details dashboard in Headset Retailer is designed to display the products categorized within the ABC-XYZ Product Segments. This dashboard allows you to analyze one category at a time, matching the categorization in the POS system. As a result, you'll notice that the Category filter is set to single-select. This design enables in-depth analysis within each category.

Why is this dashboard useful?

You can utilize this dashboard to find answers to questions such as:

  • What is the breakdown of ABC-XYZ Segmentation in my Flower category?
  • What is the average sales per SKU?
  • Which Pre-Rolls are categorized as "Poor Performers"?
  • What are the top-performing Concentrate products based on their frequency in transactions and revenue contribution?


SKU Share & Sales Share by Inventory Grade (Selected Category)

This bar graph illustrates the percentage of SKUs within each ABC-XYZ Segment and their corresponding share of revenue within the chosen category. In this example, we are analyzing the Flower category. The graph reveals that AX (Good Performers) SKUs constitute 20% of Flower's total assortment and contribute to over 50% of Flower's sales.

Overview & Product Details

The Overview tile provides a high-level snapshot of the selected Inventory Grade. Depending on the timeframe you've chosen, metrics like Total Sales in the Time Frame and Average Sales Per SKU will adjust accordingly. The data in the Product Details section will align with your selected timeframe.

Please note that the Distinct Number of SKUs in Stock may differ from the number of Products listed in the Product Details tile. This occurs because the Distinct Number of SKUs In Stock represents the current inventory, while the products listed in the Product Details tile encompass all products classified under your selected Inventory Grade within the timeframe you specified.

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