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Inventory Performance Overview
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Inventory Performance Overview

About this Dashboard


What is it?

This high-level dashboard is designed for use by executives, store owners, or store managers. It offers a straightforward overview of a store's or group of stores' inventory performance over the past 60 days. The metrics provided include SKU/brand counts, sales data, identification of understocked/overstocked products, and a Pareto principle visualization of SKU grades.

Why would you want this?

Managing inventory effectively is crucial, and this dashboard provides valuable insights into your inventory's performance. By using this dashboard, you can gain answers to questions such as:

  • Which products are performing well, which are average, and which are underperforming?
  • What is the breakdown of SKUs vs. brands within each product category?
  • Which are the top 20 overstocked and understocked SKUs?
  • What percentage of my inventory consists of underperforming products?
  • What is the ABC-XYZ grading matrix?

Store Topline Overview

This visual representation presents key metrics for your selected store. You can use this data to determine the percentage of SKUs that have not recorded sales in the last 60 days (please note that this percentage includes newly received products that may not have had a chance to sell yet, as well as back stock). Additionally, it highlights the percentage of in-stock SKUs that contribute to the top 80% of sales, following the Pareto Principle.

SKU Share & Revenue Share by Inventory Grade

This visual representation is based on the ABC-XYZ inventory framework, which assesses all in-stock SKUs and assigns grades based on their sales value and basket penetration. Observe that AX - Good Performers have a high SKU share and high revenue share, while CZ - Poor Performers have an even higher SKU share but very low revenue share. This indicates that there are more low-performing products on the shelf in terms of both basket penetration and sales compared to high-performing products. This raises the question of which products can be eliminated to make room for better-performing ones. (You can navigate to the Inventory Product Details dashboard to identify the specific SKUs that make up each grade.)

What does the ABC-XYZ inventory framework look like?



To learn more about the ABC-XYZ framework, you can refer to this knowledge base article.

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