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Downloading Data
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There are several options for downloading information from all of our tools. You can download entire dashboards or just specific tables from reports within the system. 

How To Download An Entire Dashboard


On each report in the upper right corner of the page, you'll find vertical ellipses. Click on those to download the entire dashboard. 

**NOTE** Downloads of the entire page, will have limitations in the final result. Most tables in the tool cap out at 500 line's as an example, so when you download the page, the tables in the download will also cap at 500 lines. 

The dashboard can be downloaded in both a PDF and an excel zip file version



How To Download A Single Table or Visualization


If you do not need the full report, but you are simply interested in one table on the page, you can also download just the table that you need. Once you find the table you want, hover your mouse over the top right corner and see the vertical ellipses appear. 



**NOTE** When downloading a table only, you can expand the row limit to get a larger download***

When you click download, a dialog box will pop up. Click on "Advanced Data Options" there. 


Scroll to the bottom and choose a "custom" row limit. By doing that, you can set the row limit to anything you wish, ensuring that the download is complete and does not cut off at 500. 



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