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Add/Manage Users - Retailer & Bridge
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For both our Retailer and Bridge products, users can be managed from the settings page in the tool. 

In order to add or remove users you must have: 

  • Admin permission set - Can add or remove users for all store locations 
  • Manager permission set - Can add or remove users for the stores they have access to in their permissions


1. To begin - click on your initials in the lower left corner of the screen to go to Settings. 


2. From your settings page, click on "Manage Users"



Once you're on the Manage Users page, you can invite a user by clicking on the Invite User button. 

*NOTE* When inviting a new user for Retailer, you must check off the store locations they should get access to upon logging in. If you set up a user as an "Admin" they will get access to all store locations, automatically. 



From this page, you can also remove users who no longer need access by clicking on the "X" next to their role in the user list. 

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