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Sending & Scheduling Dashboard Emails
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With Retailer you can send and schedule regular emails to colleagues or vendors.



Want to share your dashboards with your team or vendors? With Headset Retailer it's now easier than ever to send powerful, visual or data-driven reports based on your dashboard settings.


Configure your filters, toggle the data you want to display then send or schedule recurring emails to those who need it.

Emails can be sent as a PDF, image, or CSV file.


Send individual dashboard emails

Sending an email to yourself or others is super easy by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon in the top-right corner of the screen and selecting "Schedule Delivery".

From the configuration pane, put in the emails of who should receive the email, select the format, and click save.




Schedule recurring dashboard emails

Like sending an individual email above, you'll find the option to Schedule a recurring report under the Frequency section of the email dialog. Once again, you can send a PDF, image, or CSV of all your dashboard data within the section.

Here, you can create multiple schedules for every dashboard.  If a vendor needs a 14 day view of Inventory Coverage for only their products and a store manager in a single location needs a 28 day view of their Inventory Coverage for all categories, you can do both.




Managing email schedules

You can update or delete any scheduled emails you have created at any time from the manage section of your menu. 



When selecting the CSV option for your email format the recipient will receive a .zip file of the data from all the visualizations in a dashboard.  


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