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Daily Summary Emails
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Headset provides a Daily Summary email for each store location you have connected. This email arrives early each morning and provides a snapshot of the store's performance for the day prior. 

The Daily Summary Emails will only go out to people who are users of the platform. If you have someone in upper management that does not have a login for Headset and wants to receive the Daily Summary email, you will have to add them to the system as a user or forward the Daily Summary manually each morning. This email is not generated out of the tool itself and is separate from the dashboards you see when you log in. 

My Daily Summary Didn't Arrive, Now What? 

Reach out to our Support Department right away at [email protected] or in live chat within the tool when you're logged in. Daily Summary emails can stop arriving for a variety of reasons: 

  • Your store has disconnected from Headset 
  • Your email provider has blocked "[email protected]" as spam - emails are being filtered out of your inbox
  • Your user permissions don't include the store locations that you need or expect


Support can help determine the root cause and find a resolution.

When adding new users in the system, you want to be sure to check off the store's the user should have access to, including Daily Summary emails. Users with an Admin role, will get access to all stores automatically. 


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