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Who Owns My Data?
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What does Headset do with your data and how does it affect ownership? What about data sharing?



You do!  Ownership of your data in your point of sale system and the data itself always remains with you--not Headset and not your vendors.

In brief, from our 'Terms of Service'...


"...Customer retains all right, title and interest (including any intellectual property rights) in and to the Customer Data... "


What Does Headset Do With My Data?

What we do is analyze the data and present it to you in a way designed to help you run your business.  We also aggregate the data in order to help you understand sales trends by category across the state.  So for example, if you sell edibles we aggregate the sales of all edibles across the state so we can provide an accurate picture of how edibles sales are trending.  And so on with all categories.



What About Data Sharing?

When you share a vendor's data with them, you're allowing them to see only their inventory levels so they can provide better service to you by suggesting orders and seeing sales trends of (only) their specific products.  Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is what big-box stores like Costco and Walmart use to share the task of keeping inventory fresh and carrying costs controlled.  They have no interest in sharing data between vendors and neither, do we.



About This Article

This article was written specifically to address the question of who owns your data.  For a complete description of Headset's Terms of Service, you can read them in their entirety here.

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