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How Do I Connect With My Vendors?
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Do you want to reduce the number of phone calls from suppliers, to ask about their inventory? Here's how to let them check their levels remotely.


What is VMI?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is very common in the inventory management world.  Costco, Walmart, and other big-box stores save hundreds of millions of dollars per year using it.  And Headset is the leader in this area for the cannabis industry.  


How can I help my vendors monitor their own stock levels?

Your vendors have a strong interest in your success.  To help ensure inventory levels are set correctly, products kept fresh, and your team focused on helping customers, you can allow each vendor to actively monitor their own (and only their own) inventory levels.  


Headset Bridge makes this possible.  To streamline the process, you can opt-in to auto-connecting with your vendors so you don't have to worry about managing invitations that come in. Simply use our live chat feature in the app or send mail to [email protected] to opt into auto-connect to your Bridge-enabled vendors.  We'll do the rest!

Your suppliers may also send you individual invitations through the Headset platform.  This enables you to make one-at-a-time decisions about sharing stock levels with them. Either way, they can only see their own information. Make sure your vendors have the correct contact email address so these invitations go to the right place!

Alternatively, you can reach out to us at [email protected] to inquire about a particular vendor for whom you'd like to enable VMI.

Please see Accepting Invites for instructions on how to look at and respond to any pending invitations from your brand partners. 

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