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ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Cross Category Wallet
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To access the ADD-ON: DEMOGRAPHICS - Cross Category Wallet dashboard, expand the ADD-ON DEMOGRAPHICS module and select ‘Cross Category Wallet’.

When / How to use this dashboard

Use this dashboard to make informed decisions about your product. Do consumers who buy one thing often buy another with it? This could influence the way you market your products or even your next product development decisions.

Here we’re using the concept of a wallet to describe the way consumers spend. Although they certainly can buy a single item, often they’ll buy several things on the same store visit. How do these items group together? Consider these questions: If we select a popular category like Vapor Pens, what percentage of consumers are buying from that category? And, if we make a Gender and Generation selection in our filters, say Female+Millennials, what percentage of them purchased Vapor Pens within the last 6 months? These are our ‘top line’ numbers as shown below.

Cross Category Wallet
Each of the columns represent the sales to people that purchase products in the category. The first column on the left shows ‘Beverages’. For people who open their wallet to spend on this category what are the next 3 most likely categories where they’re likely to spend? The first thing we see is Flower, followed by Vapor Pens, and then Edibles. This is not so for Vapor Pens (the far right column). These consumers tend to reach into their wallets to buy additional Flower, Edibles, or Pre-Rolls to go with their main purchase.

Selected Category Consumer’s Cannabis Wallet Share
The pie chart below helps us pursue the question, ‘What is the percentage of wallet spent on other categories where our selected category is highest?’ This visualization takes our column of choice from the Cross Category Wallet and looks at consumer choice in detail. In this case we’ve selected vapor pens. And again, consumers spending on vapor pens will also spend on Flower, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates.

Select Demographics:
Select your demographics slice by ‘Generation’, ‘Gender’, or ‘Generation + Gender’ as show in the image below. Select ‘OK’ once you’ve made your selection, and press the ‘Run’ button to refresh the dashboard display.

% of Cannabis Customers & %of Cannabis Sales ($)
The pie charts reflect your filter choice from the Demographics filter at the top of the dashboard. The illustrations below reflect ‘Generation’ as the selection. The % of Cannabis Customers shows how the percentages of customers are distributed across the various age groups. What group should you appeal to if you want to target the largest single group of customers? The % of Cannabis Sales shows the percentage of sales to each group. Are there any mis-matches between the percent of customer groups and the % of Cannabis sales groups? Could that mean that one group is out-spending another per capita?

Customer Count Percentages
This table shows one column for males and another column for females for each state displayed. The generational groups are shown on the left of the image. This data is for the most recently closed month. The darker the shading, the higher the percentage of customer counts. Is there a difference between the states displayed? In any age group, to female customers outnumber male customers?

% of Customers
This chart helps you examine the changing size of the various demographic groups over the last 12 months. Note the calendar months displayed along the bottom of the chart. What group has actually shrunk over the last year? Note the Gen Z group appears to have grown substantially.

Customer Revenue
What is the actual revenue in dollars for each of our groups, separated by subscribed state and gender? This chart answers this question. Note we’re showing Adult Use retails (or sell thru) net sales (after discounts and before taxes) in USD for the last closed month. It’s clear the male millennials are out-spending every other group in every state. Is there a difference between states in how this is occurring?

% of Cannabis Sales
The chart below shows the selected region (in this case Washington) looking back to January of 2018. It addresses the question of how have our demographic groups’ percentage of overall sales changed during this time period. Note that Gen Z group grew by a factor of 18 over this time period. Baby Boomers had a 3% contraction during this period. How should this impact our strategy?

Total Sales and YOY Growth
Did these groups spend more last month compared to the same month from a year ago? Year Over Year Sales Growth compares the sales in the most recently closed month to the sales in the same month last year. This bubble chart compares total sales in the most recently closed month by the size of the bubble. The position along the X-axis shows the % growth over the previous year. In this case, 3 of our groups grew and 2 of them contracted compared to the same month last year. Notice the 3 bubbles to the right of the vertical 0% line.

Month Over Month Sales Growth
Did a particular group go on a spending spree compared to the previous month? The lines below show the differences for each cohort over the previous month. For example, this year all groups spent more in March than they did in February. And then in April they hunkered down. Then in May all groups did some much heavier spending, and in June one group when to the store and kept right on going!

Revenue vs Customer Count Comparison
Notice the Silent Generation has .4% of total customers and only .3% of total sales. Does this tell us something about their spending habits compared to the other groups? Gen X’ers have a slightly higher percentage of total sales to revenue. Do they come to the store with a fatter wallet? Do the other 3 groups spend less per person, like the Silent Generation?

Average Monthly Sales
Is one group rising up and spending more at a particular time of the year? Notice even the Silent Generation dug a little deeper into their wallets this past spring. This line graph is showing the monthly average cannabis spent by each demographic during the last 12 complete months. Use this data to better understand how much each demographic is spending on cannabis and where there are shifts through the year in who is spending more or less across demographics.

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