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Setting Product Status - Remove SKU's From Calculations & Projections
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So, you have a product that is displaying in Bridge and it's no longer being produced or it's a sample. How do you prevent that from impacting your Bridge metrics? Simple. Update the product status.


To update the product status follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to either the Account Details or Account Inventory dashboards for the specific store you want to view.



2. Scroll down to either Product Sales Details on the Account Details dashboard or Inventory Details on the Account Inventory dashboard.



   3. Click the ellipsis (...) next to the product name that you want to update. Then select "Set Product Status".




4. In the "Set Product Status" pop-up window select the appropriate status from the drop-down list and click Submit.





Setting a product to "Inactive" or "Sample" will remove that product from projections and calculations. To view all of the inactive items navigate to the Inactive SKUs dashboard. 

The Inactive SKUs dashboard displays any SKUs you have marked as “Inactive” or “Sample” in Bridge. When SKUs are marked as “Inactive” or “Sample” they no longer show in several dashboards, including Account Details, Account Inventory, Triage, and Reorder Report. To reactivate any of these SKUs, click the ellipsis (...) after the product name and follow the steps outlined above.



Note: It may take a couple of hours for the product to display in the Inactive SKUs dashboard. Updating the product status only impacts the specific store where it was updated. The reason for this is that the product name can vary from store to store. In order to ensure a product is updated across all of your stores you will need to modify the status at each store location. 

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