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To access the DEMAND PLANNING, Discounts dashboard, expand the ADD-ON: DEMAND PLANNING module, and select the Discounts -Demand Planning link

The Discount Analysis dashboard can help you identify discounting trends and how your filter selected products are discounted in retail stores.

The percent discount is calculated as the total discount over the gross sales.

All tiles on this dashboard feature comparisons between Total Market and Filter Selection. The Total Market is defined as the total adult use cannabis products within your selected Date and Market. The Filter Selection reflects adult use goods within your selected filters including Date and Market. These two groups allows for comparisons in demand between the market and your selected filters.

Filter Selection Percent Discount and Total Units
Use this dashboard to understand how discounting trends affect unit volume within the filter selection In the example below, we’re examining the Edibles category in California by month. The vertical bars represent ‘Total Units’, and the dark line represents the discount level for Edibles. Is there a clear relationship between unit volume and discounts? What does this tell us about consumers’ hunger for new and tastier edibles?

Percent Discount Comparison to Total Market
Is the average discount for the total market greater than the average discount for our filter selection? The graph below, again for Edibles in California (all segments, all brands) shows that from August of 2018 through July of 2019, Edibles tended to have a higher average discount than the rest of the cannabis industry. Then in August of 2019 through June of 2020, discounts for this filtered selection were lower than the industry average. What does this show us about consumer interest in this category?

Discount for Day of the Week and Hour (All Market)
This graph shows us discounts by day of the week for the entire cannabis market. To simplify or look at a subset of days, click on a day in the legend to disable it. Alternatively, hover over any day in the legend to highlight it on the graph. Notice the time by hour of the day (this is military time) across the horizontal axis. The higher the line, the higher the discount. When are the best days and times for consumers to find discounts in stores in California (our market selected for this example)?

Discount for Day of the Week and Hour (Filtered Selection)
This graph shows us discounts by day of the week for our filtered selection (California Edibles). When are the best days and times for consumers to find discounts in stores in California (our selected market for this example)?

Percent Discount Index by Weekday and Hour
This visualization is meant to give a highly visual picture of your Filter Selection percent discount compared to total market percent discount. The metric is [% of Filter Selection Percent Discount]:[% of Total Market Percent Discount].

Interpretation: Numbers over 100 are the days and times where your Filter Selection products see more of a discount than the market. These are the times where discounts are more likely to be to your Filter Selection and are colored in lighter yellow and orange.

Example: Mondays at 7:00 PM, our index is very high at 118.

Numbers under 100 are the days and times where Filter Selection products see less discounting than the market. These are times where store discounts are less likely to be to the Filter Selection products and are colored in purple hues.

Example: Wednesday at 9:00 PM, our index is very low at 85.2.

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