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Premium: Overview - Pricing Overview
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To access the Premium: Overview - Pricing Overview dashboard, expand the Premium Overview module and select the Pricing Overview link.

When / How to use this dashboard

Use this dashboard to understand the trends in pricing for the category in question, and to learn more about changes in pricing by category year over year. This dashboard will define EQ or ‘equivalized price’, an important metric for comparing changes in pricing across brands and segments. You’ll also see important data about trends in package size. The Pricing Overview dashboard includes the following visualizations and tables:

  • Use the ‘This Year - Last Year’ table to see changes in AIP and EQ prices year over year. ‘This Year’ refers to the previous 365 days. ‘Last Year’ refers to the 365 days prior to that. So this table covers a 2-year time frame. In one quick glance you’ll see whether AIP and EQ pricing are moving in a particular direction. Also notice this tile contains our definitions for Average Item Price and Average EQ Price.

  • Average Item Price By Year compares ALL categories by AIP for this year to date, all of the previous year, and all of the year prior to that, where data is available. Notice in the illustration below that Edibles and Pre-Rolls are slowly rising year over year, will Beverages’ AIP is trending downward. These prices reflect what consumers are willing to pay, on average, for products in these categories.

  • The Average Item Price and Cost in the Last 365 Days chart shows the AIP in one color, the Average Unit Cost in another color, and the margins are displayed by a green dot to indicate the difference between the AIP and the Average Unit Cost. Note this chart also reveals data for ALL categories in the cannabis world. Which category has the highest AIP? Which category has the highest margins? Which category has the lowest cost?

  • Segment - Average Item Price and Cost (Last 365 Days), compares AIP, Cost, and Margins. Like the AIP and Cost bar chart for all cannabis categories, the ‘Segment’ chart answers the cost, margin, and AIP question for your subscribed category.

  • Average EQ Price vs Average Item Price (Last 365 Days) will show you at a glance which segments, if any, sit at extremes either for AIP or EQ pricing over the last year. The highest EQ priced segments will show furthest to the right along the horizontal axis, and the higher AIP segments will display higher on the vertical axis. If you have a high AIP and a low EQ price for a segment, does this mean that costs to produce these items will be lower and margins much higher? Does a higher EQ price mean higher costs to the consumer?

  • Average Item Price vs Units Sold (Last 365 Days) shows how the segments in a category relate to each other visually. Which segment has the most product offerings? Compare the size of the bubbles for a quick visual comparison, and hover over any bubble to see the precise number. What percent of the category is made up by each segment? Notice the % Units Sold along the horizontal axis at the bottom. The image below shows Gummies with 62% of the units sold in the edibles category. The AIP for most segments land below $15 and $20. Typically these are out the door prices including discounts and before taxes.

  • The Average Item Price and Average EQ Price over time (last 365 Days) graph will help you understand whether price movement is being driven by factors other than costs. Remember, the EQ price for inhalables uses grams and non-inhalables use milligrams. If more expensive half-grams are dominant, what will that do to the EQ price?

  • Package Size Market Share shows consumers’ changing package size preference over time. Below, we see the one-gram size beginning to take share away from the half-gram package size. Hover over any part of any bar to see the precise percentages. How will this affect average item price and EQ pricing? Cick on an item in the legend to disable it in order to view less visible items. For example, the ‘Other’ category is represented here, but isn’t easily visible without disabling the 1g size.

  • Average EQ Price By Package Size (Last 365 Days). Can you see how the EQ price changes by package size? Here we see a comparison across package sizes between the 1g at the bottom and the .3g at the top. What reasons might consumes have for being willing to pay a much higher per-gram price?

  • Average Prices by Package Size by Month helps you see how AIP compares to EQ pricing over multiple time frames. Notice the previous 3 months are displayed first (May, April, March) followed by June from a year ago. The far left column contains our package sizes (in this case, vapor pen carts).

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