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Premium: Overview - New Products
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To access the Premium: Overview - New Products Dashboard, expand the Premium Overview Module and select the New Products link.

When / How to use this dashboard

Use this dashboard to understand the number of new products coming into the market in your category of interest. You’ll see high-level numbers for comparing pricing trends, and you’ll be able to quickly see the impact that they’re having on the category as a whole. These charts typically either show 90, 180, or older (other) product metrics to indicate when they were introduced and so there is no date range filter on this dashboard. Use the filters on this dashboard to narrow your investigation by segment and brand if you prefer. Visualizations on the New Products dashboard include the following visualizations:

  • Use the Top Line Numbers to see a count of new products in the prior 90, prior 180 days, or ‘other’ (older) time frames. The first two numbers display the count of products released by time period. The next three metrics show you whether the price of the newer products is trending higher or lower than previously by showing you the AIP for released products within the previous 90, previous 180, and older. In the example below, the 5 products released within that last 90 days average $2.71 higher than all products first released more than 6 months ago. *Note click directly on these metrics to see more details.

  • The % of Products Sold in Prior 180 days provides a visual breakdown of the percentages of new products sold within the last 90, last 180, and older; and displays them by segment. Notice the segments listed along the left axis of this horizontal bar chart. Also in the chart below we see that 13% of the cartridges sold in the past 180 days were less than 91 days old, and 18% of the cartridges sold in the last 180 days were first released between 91 and 180 days ago.
  • The % of Sales in Prior 180 Days pie chart shows the sales impact new products are making. For example, in the pie chart below, 6.53% of sales are attributed to products released within the last 90 days.

  • New Products by Time give you away to visualize sales by release date segment. Can you see whether ‘new’ products released within the last 90 or 180 days are pushing out existing products? Or, does it look like older products (released more than 6 months ago are holding steady? Notice the relative size of each shaded area to make these determinations. Hover over any of the dots to see the exact data at that point according to the Total Sales metric along the left axis.

  • New Products by Package Size will help you see consumer preferences beginning to emerge based on the size of the packages they prefer in new products. Note that this chart reflects a 180-day time frame. In this case the half-gram size exceeds the 1-gram package size for new products over the last 180 days.

  • The New Products Table shows all new products released in this category across all segments within the last 180 days. Notice the First Sale Date, Segment, Brand, and Product Name columns are also sort-able. The image below shows this table sorted by the ‘Units’ column in order to bring the products selling the most units in this category to the top of the list. Use the inner scroll bar illustrated by the red arrow to scroll within this table.

  • Average Item Price by Weight shows different weights along the bottom axis and the AIP along the left axis. Hover over any of the vertical bars to see the exact AIP for the weight in question.

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