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Pulse - Category Overview
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To access the Pulse dashboards, select Insights Pulse in the upper left hand corner of Insights. Pulse is available to everyone, everywhere, for free!

When / How to use this dashboard

This dashboard will answer the question, ‘How is this category performing across markets?’ Use the Headset Pulse Category Overview Dashboard to see high-level visualizations for a single category across all markets where Headset offers Insights. This dashboard will help you compare size, growth, discounts, unit volume, average items prices, and more across multiple categories at a glance. All of the graphs and charts include data for the previous 2 years, where available, and include the following visualizations:

  • Use the Selected Category Market Size graph to answer the question, ‘How has this category grown across markets month by month for the past 2 years?’ You’ll see market size in millions along the left, and months along the bottom. Below the horizontal axis you’ll see a colored legend showing a separate color for each region. Hover over any of the plotted points to see sales for that month for the region in question.

  • The Selected Category Market Growth bar chart shows sales for this category by region for the most recent completed month along with the same month for the previous 2 years. This will answer the question of, ‘How did sales last month compare to the same month a year ago and the year before that? Hover over a column to see further details, and notice the arrows showing precise percentage growth year over year for this same month.

  • Selected Category Share by Market shows the percentage of cannabis sales in each respective market. It addresses the question, ‘How strong is this category in each market?’. Market share is displayed along the left vertical axis and month is displayed across the horizontal axis. This will help you see whether your selected category is expanding or contracting in a particular market. For example, our selected category grew in WA over the previous month, and shrank in CO compared to the previous month.

  • Selected Category Percent Discount and Average Price By Market will address the question, ‘How do average items prices in this category compare across markets, and what is the average percentage discount in each region? The columns represent the Average Item Price along the left vertical axis and the average discounts are show along the right vertical axis. Notice below our selected category shows a higher Average Item Price in AB and a lower average discount. Maybe this is because products in this category are experiencing much higher demand.

  • Selected Category Average Item Price will show you how AIP is changing over the last 2 years. Each region is shown in a color coded dot. This will answer the question, ‘Is AIP rising, falling, or staying essentially the same over time?’ Hover over any dot to see the precise AIP for a particular region for any month for which data is available. Note in the illustration below BC first appears in 2019-Q4.

  • Selected Category Day of Week Performance will show you which day of the week consumers tend to buy either more or less products from your selected category. Each region has its own column with a color coding by day of the week. In the example below, 25% of the sales for the week from our selected category take place on Friday in AB, compared to only 18% in CA and CO. Hover over a section to see additional details.

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