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Pulse - All Market Overview
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To access the Pulse dashboards, select Insights Pulse in the upper left hand corner of Insights. Pulse is available to everyone, everywhere, for free!

When / How to use this dashboard

Use the Headset Pulse All Market Overview Dashboard to see high-level visualizations for all markets and categories where Headset offers Insights. This dashboard will help you compare size, growth, discounts, unit volume, average items prices, and more across multiple markets at a glance. All of the graphs and charts include data for the previous 2 years, where available, and also include:

  • Use the Adult Use Market Size graph to answer the question, ‘How have markets grown compared to each other month by month for the past 2 years?’ You’ll see market size in millions along the left, and months along the bottom. Below the horizontal axis you’ll see a colored legend showing a separate color for each region. Hover over any of the plotted points to see sales in millions for that month for the region in question.

  • The Market Growth bar chart will help you compare changes in monthly market sales in 2 ways. You’ll see the last closed month compared to the previous month AND the same last closed month compared to a year ago. This will answer the question of ‘How did sales in this market compare to the previous month and to the same month from a year ago?’ In the example below, WA grew less than the previous month, but more than the same month from the previous year.

  • Percent discounts by Market shows the changes in the percentage discounts by market over the last 2 years. Each region will display in a different color line. Hover over any of the connected circles to see the region, percent discount, and month. Discounts can help you understand what consumers are expecting, and also reveals something about demand in each market.

  • Day of Week Performance by Market shows a column for each region. The columns are divided into segments with a different color for each day of the week. Hover over any colored section to see the total sales for that day in that region over the last 2 years.

  • Day of Week by Hour Sales for all markets combines all regions to make a heat map showing how total sales over the last 2 years are distributed across the days of the week and hours of the day. Hover over any section to see total sales on that day of the week during that hour of the day for the last 2 years.

  • Category Unit Share by Market shows a single column for each region. The color coded sections, along with their percentages give you an easy way to see how category unit share over the last 2 years compares across regions, and the category unit share within a region. In the illustration below, 15% of units sold in CO and 6% of all units in CA were sold in Concentrates.

  • Top 5 Category Sales by Market includes sales comparison data for Flower, Vapor Pens, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates. The height of each column reflects the overall total sales of these categories for each region. The size of a colored area within a column reflects a region’s sales within that category. Notice in the Concentrates column, we see CO is larger than CA, thus units AND sales were larger for concentrates in CO than CA.

  • Average item Price by Top 5 Categories Across Markets examines the same 5 categories as sales (above), while graphing their average item prices. In the example below, we see CO has a much lower average item price for concentrates than BC.

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