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Data Export
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To download data simply navigate to DATA EXPORT in the side menu and select the desired export option. Please note that this is the only export feature in Headset Insights. Here you have the ability to export by Package Size, Category, Segments, Brands, and Total Market. On any one of these you can filter based on the market, date range, date granularity, category*, segments*, and brand(s)*. This provides you with the ability to export and manipulate the data in Excel or another spreadsheet application.



Once there select your desired filters and click RUN.


Then hover over the top right portion of the data set (just below the gear icon) to display 3 vertical dots. Clicking on that will display the option to download the data.





After clicking DOWNLOAD DATA, you can then select your desired file format.





Please be aware that if you have a significant amount of data based on your selected filters, Excel will not be able to process this and will likely crash.

In order to include the entire data set make sure the limit is set to All Results.





Finally, select download. Once the data has been downloaded, go ahead and open the file to begin analyzing and manipulating your data.





*Where available.

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