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Bridge Marketing - Special Order Inventory
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Bridge: Special Order Inventory


Before running a campaign with discounts, consider reviewing the Special Order Inventory Dashboard to observe how the decrease in price affects the number of units you will sell at a given retailer. The Special Order Inventory Dashboard will suggest the increase in units sold to incur the same level of revenue at full price. 

The types of questions this Dashboard will aid you in answering are:

  • How many more units does a retailer need to sell if they decrease the product’s average item price, to reach the same level of revenue? 

  • What products have sufficient inventory levels to permit a discount, and will not run out of product? 

Let’s dive into an example of the scenarios listed above. 

Review the filters at the top of the dashboard and apply the desired decrease in price to the filtered store and products. 

In this instance, I will decrease the price by 13% for a “Friday the 13th” sale. We will answer how many more units of product will I need to sell to incur the same amount of revenue in the last 2 weeks when the discount was not active. 



On the Total Units and Increased Units to Match Sales tile, you can observe the number of units per SKU sold, and how many more ought to be sold to match revenue while accommodating the 13% decrease in price. 



The Overall Table tile below at the bottom of the dashboard shows an Enough Inventory on Hand column, which permits you to see which SKUs do not have sufficient inventory levels for the suggested increase.



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