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Bridge Marketing - Holiday Bump Analysis
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Demand Planning (Holiday Bump Analysis)


What is it? The purpose of this dashboard is meant to examine short periods (7 days or less) with pronounced sales increases (i.e., 4/20, COVID-19 events, Green Wednesday, Dab Day, etc.). The dashboard provides Bridge users with the ability to examine periods of high growth so that they can effectively plan.

Why would someone want this? To assess how well a holiday did in terms of sales.

What questions does this answer?

  • What kinds of sales increases can I expect on 4/20?
  • What size should I ensure are stocked up for Green Wednesday?
  • Are there particular brands that sell exceptionally well around Dab Day?


Example Analysis

I want to see how my products sold last 4/20 to be prepared and ensure that stores don’t run out of my products.

Filters would be as follows to analyze the increase in sales of 4/20:


We can see from the graph below that my brand Phat Panda will experience a larger increase in Sales than Major did compared to the prior weeks.

I can be prepared to give stores more Phat Panda products instead of Major.

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