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CBD Export

_**CBD Data Add-On**_ Headset provides CBD data separately in an add-on module. You can find this module in your menu on the left. For our CBD data, we offer three dashboards to dive into CBD performance in our various Insights markets. The first dashboard at your disposal is our CBD Export. ![][1] **How and when …

Data Export For Bridge

**The data export feature allows you to easily export data based on date range, date granularity, store, and account rep(s). This provides you with the ability to export and manipulate the data in Excel or another spreadsheet application.** ![][1] **We also offer the ability to export data from any dashboard as well…

Data Export

_**Data Export Module**_ **Note** US States sales totals are presented in USD and Canadian provinces are presented in CAD. The data in these download dashboards are based on market forecasts. Headset uses data supplied by state or provincial governments to determine total Adult Use Cannabis sales each month. Until …

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