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Bridge Marketing - Special Order Inventory

Bridge: Special Order Inventory Before running a campaign with discounts, consider reviewing the Special Order Inventory Dashboard to observe how the decrease in price affects the number of units you will sell at a given retailer. The Special Order Inventory Dashboard will suggest the increase in units sold to inc…

Minimum Suggested Order

Definition: The minimum amount you should order based on past sales performance. Note: eliminates negative values. A lot of filters go into the equation to make up the value. Note: this calculation uses a date range to determine average daily units which is unrelated to the choice of days the stock is needed fo…

Aggregations of In Stock Average Units per Day, Estimate Days Remaining, Minimum Suggested Order

Click here for an explanation of aggregations of: * In Stock Average Units per Day * Estimated Days Remaining * Minimum Suggested Order You're using demo endpoint of Iframely API commercially. Max-width is limited to 320px. Please get your own API key at

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