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Modifying or Changing Scheduled Emails

_**Modifying or Changing Scheduled Emails**_ In the menu on the left, navigate to the section labeled "My Reports". In that section click on the Scheduled Emails dashboard. Here you will find a list of all the scheduled emails you have. **NOTE** You will only be able to see scheduled emails that YOU have set up. You…

Scheduling Dashboards to be Emailed

**This feature allows you to easily send a snapshot of an entire dashboard. Simply choose your desired format and email frequency. This feature is available on most dashboards. ** ![][1] **Easily manage scheduled emails by selecting SCHEDULED EMAILS under MY REPORTS. Here you can quickly see the details for each sch…

Daily Summary Emails

Headset provides a Daily Summary email for each store location you have connected. This email arrives early each morning and provides a snapshot of the store's performance for the day prior. The Daily Summary Emails will only go out to people who are users of the platform. If you have someone in upper management that…

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