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Bridge Marketing - Demographics
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This dashboard allows you to review who is shopping for your brand by giving you a better understanding of your customers, and helps you to better position and market your products. Some questions you can answer:

  • What percentage of my customers are male?

  • What percentage of my revenue comes from customers who are Gen X vs Gen Z?


Customer Count Breakdown

This heat map shows the count of customers by generation and gender, which will easily depict which type of customer is buying your brand most often. The lighter the rectangle, the less that particular customer is purchasing your brand, and vice versa for the darker rectangle. Here you can see that Male Millennials are the more frequent customers.




Revenue and Customer Account

This chart will break down which groups are big spenders. The darker bars represent customer count, whereas the lighter bars represent total revenue. The black dot hovering in between represents average revenue per customer. Even though we can see from the heat map above that Male Millennials are the largest number of customers, Male Generation X actually has the highest spend per person. What we can gather from this information is that we want to be marketing to Generation X males.






% of Customers

This graph represents the percentage of customers (by age and gender) that make up each store.






% of Revenue

This graph represents the percentage of revenue that each type of customer (by age and gender) makes up at each store.




In the above two graphs, we can see that even though Male Baby Boomers make up 11% of customers shopping at Grasstown, they actually make up 33% of that store’s Revenue.

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