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Bridge Marketing - Demographics

**Demographics** **This dashboard allows you to review who is shopping for your brand by giving you a better understanding of your customers, and helps you to better position and market your products. Some questions you can answer:** * **What percentage of my customers are male?** * **What percentage of my re…

What Are They Buying?

**When / How to use this dashboard** Utilize this dashboard as an overview of who is purchasing cannabis across markets. The tiles on this dashboard range from standing data from the last closed month to trending data over the last 24 months. **Select Filters:** Make your selections from the filters by selecting …

Customer Segmentation by Demographics

This dashboard adds another layer of detail to customer analysis by allowing you to understand the demographic trends within the different RFM segments that make up their customer base. It shows age group and gender data within each RFM segment and allows users to compare segments to the overall store average. It also…

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