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Bridge Marketing - Special Order Inventory

**Bridge: Special Order Inventory** **Before running a campaign with discounts, consider reviewing the Special Order Inventory Dashboard to observe how the decrease in price affects the number of units you will sell at a given retailer. The Special Order Inventory Dashboard will suggest the increase in units sold to …

Bulk Inventory in Retailer

## What does this do? For non-pre-packaged goods, like deli-style flower, **redefine unit sales as grams sold.** By default, unit sales are reflected as transaction count. If a retailer sells 3g of Wedding Cake, we consider that as 1 unit sold (1 unit per distinct products sold). However, this should really be reflec…

Bridge: Inventory

**This dashboard allows you to view inventory metrics for a specific store location during a specific period of time. Some questions you can answer: ** * **Are inventory levels healthy?** * **Are specific SKUs over/understocked?** * **How many days until an item is out of stock?** * **Lost potential revenu…

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