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Measuring Revenue Pace

__Learn how to measure your retailer growth trends to get a better idea of your overall health.__

Stock Coverage Ratio - Metrics

_Inventory Coverage Ratio Visual Aid_ [![][1]][1] [![][2]][2] [1]: [2]:

Evaluating Sales Trends

__Learn how to get a better read on your daily, monthly and yearly sales trends at each of your stores. __

Identifying Top Products

__Discover which products are your most profitable and most popular with your consumers. __

How Do I Connect With My Vendors?

_**Do you want to reduce the number of phone calls from suppliers, to ask about their inventory? Here's how to let them check their levels remotely.**_ # **How can I help my vendors monitor their own stock levels?** Your vendors have a strong interest in your success. To help ensure inventory levels are set correctl…

Retail Permissions - Limit User Access

Permissions allows you to limit which users have access to which store’s data. When access to a store is revoked, that store will no longer show in that user’s overview, in the filters, or anywhere else in Retailer. There are three roles: * Admin: These accounts by default have access to all retail stores owned by …

Leafly Point-of-Sale Menu Sync Instructions

# _**Menu sync setup and functionality:**_ # If you have both Headset and Leafly setup, you will go through the following steps to sync and activate your POS menu → 1. Log into [Leafly's backend (Biz).][1] 2. Set up your sync + paste your [Headset Store API Key][2] on Leafly’s backend. 3. Activate your menu s…

I added a new store, but I'm not getting my Daily Summary Emails

_Help! New store, no emails._ [![][1]][1] The Daily Summary Emails generated by the Retailer platform compares the information to the week prior. Because of this, the emails will not generate until there have been seven (7) days of transactional information. If you do have over seven days of information in the POS, …

Top Products by Category

To identify your top-performing products per category, navigate to the "Location" dashboard. [![][1]][1] Choose your desired date range and store location from the top filters. After applying your filters, scroll down to the "Top Products" table. First, click on the "Category" header to sort by category (much like …

Coverage Ratio

_Inventory Coverage Ratio Visual Aid_ [![][1]][1] [![][2]][2] [1]: [2]:

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